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Did You Know Gaming? Discussed Pokemon Sun & Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon’s release has been a major topic of discussion this week, but that doesn’t mean that the original Sun & Moon has been forgotten. In fact, Did You Know Gaming? has recently uploaded a video that talks about Pokemon Sun & Moon, featuring commentary by WeeklyTubeShow’s Remix. The game’s history is brought up, along with some secrets and easter eggs that you may not know. The video is included down below.



  1. Poor Pikachu. He’s been with that loser Ash since forever & who does Ash get an awesome Battle Bond transformation with? Not Pikachu! (This not wanting to change Pikachu’s appearance drastically because it’s the mascot is becoming a detriment if you ask me.)

    1. Oh yeah! I totally forgot the game made fun of IGN’s review of Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire! xD

      You mean they could have allowed one of our Pokemon in our team to follow behind us in Sun & Moon!? *eye twitch* No, no. Must. Remain. Calm. *snaps* They dare to not give us that awesome feature from Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver again!?

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