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Bethesda Busy On Patch For Skyrim And DOOM Regarding Crackling Audio Issues

Bethesda has recently released both DOOM and Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch and fans have been lapping them both up and throughly enjoying them. However, some of you may have encountered an issue with the audio crackling. If so, then don’t worry, as Bethesda is on the case and busy deploying a patch.



    1. Like we give a fuck what they decide to do with Nintendo. After the NOT TRUE Battlefront 2 Microtransaction scam that’s under investigation in two countries maybe more, I rather not have their trash anywhere near my console.

    1. thts pretty difficult to do. The Switch is already struggling playing the game right now. plus the slowdown is gonna get worse later in the game, especially at higher difficulties, the more and more enemies are on screen at one time.

    2. And bump up the resolution/visual details as well. Being only 720p docked instead of 900p best and 600p on tablet mode instead of it’s default 720p is kinda disappointing.

  1. This so needs doing. You lose sound effects and music is very faint. And at one point I had a real loud sound as if you’d just jacked a big DJ speaker right up. Loving it though.
    I’m playing this in the hurt me plenty mode and it’s good, I dunno how I’m gona get on with the highest difficulty mode. Die lots I expect!!

  2. Hey while you’re at it, how about making an update for the bots in Doom’s multiplayer practice mode to be OFFLINE?!?

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