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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Adds KOS-MOS Re: From Xenosaga As Rare Blade

Nintendo has announced via Twitter that Xenosaga series character KOS-MOS is set to appear in the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He will be featured as a Rare Blade named “KOS-MOS Re:,” Gematsu reports that the character is designed by Kunihiko Tanaka and is voiced by Mariko Suzuki.

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  1. I wish they would remaster Xenosaga 1-3. They’re only on PS2, and since my backwards compatible launch PS3 died years ago, my huge collection of PS2 games have been comepletely unplayable to me. I never even finished them, even the first one, always thought I’d get backt o it one day…

      1. 1. I wasn’t talking to you
        2. The author wrote He, so if you have an issue with the blades being gendered, take it up with them.
        3. The blade looks PRETTY feminine to me, but if you’re gonna say you don’t see it having a gender, I’m gonna say you’re blind.

  2. Nintendo Switch exclusive or first, I don’t care. Bandai Namco should team up with Nintendo and its first party development studio at MONOLITH SOFT in bringing the Xenosaga HD trilogy to its hybrid platform in the future!

  3. I wonder how much Nintendo paid Bandai Namco for this since Xenosaga, and by extension KOS-MOS, belong to them.

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