Mega Man 30th Anniversary Stream Coming December 4th

Capcom has announced that it will be holding a Mega Man 30th anniversary stream on December 4th. The card sent to Siliconerea says the following:

Celebrate the Blue Bomber’s big 30th with us. Watch live on December 4th!

You won’t want to miss it.

What: Mega Man 30th Anniversary livestream

When: December 4, 2017 — 11:00am – 12:00pm PST





  1. All of these anniversaries are making me feel older and older. I feel like I’ve been frozen in time, yet I still grew older. My body is much bigger now, but my mind is still the same as it was back when the original Mega Man first released. And sadly, my life hasn’t changed too much.

    Why do I have a feeling that I’m going to be glad that I didn’t buy those Mega Man Legacy Collection games on PS4 etc.? I’ve been hoping those would release on the Switch. But if they got the A and B buttons backwards again (like they did with the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on Gamecube), I’d pass on the Switch version. I HATE when games have backwards controls.

  2. If the words “brand new Megaman”, “Megaman Legends 3” or “Mega Man Zero Switch Collection” is NOT apart of the announcement than don’t even bother Crapcon, you had TOO many chances!

  3. I would love to see a brand new megaman rpg series. Loved the first couple of battle network games. Also would like something along the lines of ZX. I’m tired of the retro megaman they keep releasing I think the last one was 10 if I’m not mistaken

  4. Capcom: “Here’s another collection of Mega Man games you most likely already have instead of a brand new game that you all want instead.”
    Everyone else: “Fuck you.”

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