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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Development Team Discuss The Champions Ballad

Nintendo has published an interview on the news section of the Nintendo Switch discussing the recently released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Champions Ballad. The team talked to Eiji Aonuma (Producer) and Hidemaro Fujibayashi (Director) who provided plenty of insights into the new additional content which you may find interesting.

Nintendo: First of all, thank you for taking time to talk to us. And congratulations on winning Game of the Year for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Aonuma & Fujibayashi: Thank you very much!

Nintendo: Many fans were surprised with Link’s new ride in DLC Pack 2. Could you please give us the background on this vehicle?

Aonuma: I was the one that said, “Let’s put this in the game.” (laughs). Both Mr. Fujibayashi and I have a motorcycle licence. Before riding, I felt that the world felt pretty small just walking and riding trains everywhere. But when I hopped on my motorcycle, I felt the world was drastically more vast by having the freedom to go anywhere. I felt a similar sense of freedom when I first played Breath of the Wild (BotW), so I thought “I want to explore this world riding a motorcycle.” (laughs). The staff were extremely passionate about creating this, especially near the end of development, and I believe they created an amazing ride. So the happiest person about this update was me. (laughs)

Fujibayashi: And I was one of the people that was later asked if developing this was possible. (laughs) As Mr. Aonuma said, the functions of the motorcycle are amazing, so I was wondering if the motorcycle can enter the world of BotW without breaking the game. Around the same time, we were discussing what would make the best reward or item players can get at the end of DLC #2, and this idea clicked perfectly.

Nintendo: Can you talk about the new horse gear in DLC Pack 2. Also, are there any horse gear design or abilities that never made it into the game?

Fujibayashi: There is both an ancient saddle and bridle. The saddle allows the horse to warp to Link’s location when he whistles, as long as it’s in a good location to call them. And the new bridge increases its spurs. They are pretty convenient abilities. And no, this was our main horse gear idea. We design them based on their abilities, so we already knew that we could not add too many abilities. However, aligning with the motorcycle, there was a request to upgrade the horses’ abilities.

Aonuma: After all, it was a producer request to enable the horses to warp. (laughs). We thought warping may be possible with ancient technology. So the design is based on ancient gear.



      1. No, when you have ALL armor pieces, so everything from the Amiibo, everything you can find and everything you can buy (including all the jewelry) your inventory get full and you have to ditch stuff.

        1. Well you don’t need all the Amiibo Armor. It’s practically useless when you have the green tunic within the game itself that offers the same bonus and much higher stats. The only Amiibo armor I have is Fierce Deity.

          1. You mean the outfit you can’t get til the very end of the game’s story because you have to clear all 4 divine beasts to get to the shrines locked behind them? If BotW had a New Game+ option, it’d be a different story.

            1. You just need to clear all the shrines and it’s a great reward for doing that. But whatever, if people want to waste money on Amiibo that give them useless armor that also require a massive stupid grind of Star fragments to upgrade them that’s none of my business.

              1. It’s a terrible reward for those that might want to play the game like a traditional Zelda game with Link wearing his iconic green tunic throughout the entire game’s story. So either a New Game+ so people can do just that or patch the game with the Tunic of the Wild attainable at the beginning of the game with a different reward for completing all shrines. Like I said, you can’t complete them all til the end of the game’s story & some might want to play in Link’s traditional garb for the majority of the game’s story, not the end of the story. The amiibo is the only way to do that otherwise with no NG+ or with the tunic being at the end of the story.

                1. The game was entirely about flipping series conventions. Changing outfits and armor was one of them and I applaud them for it.

                  1. I do, too, but the option to dress traditionally should have still been an option for those that want it as soon as you left the Great Plateau, not the very end of the game. If you don’t have a OoT, TP, Smash, or Skyward Sword amiibo, you are shit out of luck & have to wait for the outfit you can’t get til the end of the game. (Again, New Game+ would easily fix this issue. *sigh* Just another great thing from Witcher 3 that Aonuma didn’t use because he wrote off the entire game as just sex & violence…)

                    1. You can do all the shrines before the story missions. Then you have the green tunic for the story.

              2. Personally, the Tunic of Time is the best armor for a more traditional Link to me. Aside from the hood giving Link more hair, the rest of the outfit isn’t that special to me. (Plus, I’m a sucker for gloves. Shame the game breaks the armor up into 3 parts (head, top, bottoms) instead of 5 parts (head, top, hands, bottoms, feet.))

      2. The thing is, I WANT ALL the armor, if you want to say that you don’t need all, well, let’s be honest, you don’t need ANY to complete the game, as a collector I’d like to have everything you know?

              1. You’re saying waste of money, I’m saying it’s not, people and opinions are different so I don’t see why you keep talking about money?

    1. Actually I saw a video that showed Epona was faster than the bike on open ground, but the bike is able to cross rugged terrain. So it depends on where you’re traveling.

  1. And with that, you just killed most people’s reason for using Epona. Congrats! (An instrument that lets you summon your horse from anywhere would have been preferred to this stupid horse gear.)

    1. The DLC was really fun. I was expecting a dungeon, but definitely not the 16 temples leading up to it. That last boss was such a breath of fresh air next to all the ganons though. It just makes me want more lol

    2. ||Didn’t you people want to have OPTIONS?…||

      ||Or should The First Order suggest to High Command to take away the options we have begun to provide?…||

      1. Read the parentheses again. I’m talking about the ugly ass horse gear that lets you summon the horse wearing it regardless of wherever you are. An instrument that lets us summon our horse no matter what it’s wearing would have been loads better as then we could still use Epona. Thanks to this gear, Epona has been made rather pointless to unlock since you can’t change her bridle & saddle. I’ll chalk this misunderstanding up to the virus from FedshitForce.

    3. The bike is an extra reward for people who purchased the additional content, and it’s not even available until you complete 80% of the main game. This didn’t ruin anything.

        1. I see. That is a good point. You could still summon Epona by rescanning the amiibo though, right? Bit more of a hassle, but possible.

          Creating another rune for horse summoning would have been a more practical solution, but the team probably thought it wouldn’t have fit the narrative as well as horse gear made from ancient technology.

          Maybe they’ll patch the game allowing Epona’s gear to be changed.

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