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Sega Creates Sonic Forces-Themed Obstacle Course For Parkour Athletes And YouTubers

As part of its ongoing promotion for Sonic Forces, Sega has teamed up with three parkour athletes and a trio of YouTubers on Sonic Forces Academy – a boot camp-style course inspired by the latest Sonic platformer. To see the official trailer for this marketing scheme, check out the video below. The full version is scheduled to be released soon, so Sonic fans can look forward to seeing the finished product. Sonic Forces launched last month across multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

20 thoughts on “Sega Creates Sonic Forces-Themed Obstacle Course For Parkour Athletes And YouTubers”

  1. So they waste time making a parkour course instead of improving their shitty game on top of making a few pointless unfunny memes and post that Sanic T-Shirt DLC? That pretty much shows how much they give a fuck about Sonic. Oh, did I forget to mention that the jerkoff director (Don’t know his name, don’t wanna care) wants to retcon Mania from Canon solely because he’s mad about his commissions game made by a group of fans being the most successful title since Sonic Adventure 2 while fans dislike Forces?

      1. People are already talking about and I’m fucking mad. For once Sonic was done right and Sega fucks it up by saying “It’s all an illusion”, no, Forces was all an illusion because it fucked the Canon once more and says PR deceives the brain’s perception but the PR in Mania alters space/time/reality.

      2. Yeah, because the SEGA PR team and the SEGA game developers are clearly the same people, so by designing courses and by doing other PR stuff, they’re clearly taking resources away from working on their games. That is precisely how game development works. There are no specialists in game development; it’s all the same people doing development, PR, marketing, sales etc.

      1. And this isn’t even a game or an update of said game. See how they actually give a crap about Sonic by not giving a crap? No wonder Sega is failing and the fans are proving right through Mania.

  2. More Sonic memes? There are people who hate Lost World for the parkour alone. Why would

    And I going to say it: Due to SEGA recent bullshit and all of the internet’s saltiness, I am going to start a video game developer company, and get permission from SEGA to develop a proper Sonic Adventure game/3D Sonic game in general, because that’s the ONLY way we’ll get one at this point.

    I now have to put in the work, in order for one to even exist.

          1. Name one that isn’t Adventure 1&2 nor any of Nintendo’s handheld Sonic…and don’t even say Generations because it’s such a poor ass excuse now and that game is as safe as it can get.

            1. Generations, ……because you piss me off.

              But seriously, Colors (if you ignore the plot entirely), but that’s it.

              And because those examples you listed are all the proof you need. Heroes is where things started going downhill.

              The Adventure series (1 & 2) didn’t do anything bad enough that Sonic Heroes was suddenly necessary.

              Sega’s already proven how adamant they can be with keeping 2D.5 sections and boot-to-win, why not do that with the Adventure series instead (the REAL Adventure series, not controlling a team, not guns, and definitely not the rushed Havok engine).

              1. Figures.

                Colors is basically 2.5D with a cheesy ass story and it’s where Sega milks the shit out of the Wisps gimmick which is getting very annoying and unoriginal.

                Actually, Shadow the Hedgehog is where the shitstorm of the Sonic franchise kicked in and then 2006 just blew everything good away.

                Sonic Heroes was basically a bridge title between games for Shadow’s narrative which wasn’t necessary but the fans still liked it with the multiple teams of 12 characters.

                You’re right but what can they do? Sega can’t do shit right anymore and Forces proved that while through Mania, sadly, the fans know what the fans want and how to deliver it.

  3. Sonic just doesn’t do it for me.
    I liked it back on the mega drive but even then I wouldn’t hardly play it.
    I think because back in that era it was always sonic or MARIO and people would literally fall out over it.
    I enjoyed MARIO games to much and didn’t really care for the hog.
    They just can’t keep up with Nintendo.
    This does seem like a waste of money that could be utilised else where.

  4. I’m so sick of all these fake YouTube douchebags getting invited to events just because they kiss these companies ass so hard on camera. Then again that’s why I’m working a traditional 9-5 and not being flown all over the country. M

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