EDGE Reveals Their Games Of The Year 2017

Established gaming publication EDGE magazine has revealed the games that took their fancy in 2017. Subscribers now have access to the latest edition of the magazine which has a variety of awards including best visual design as well as best hardware. It’s been published online by Reset Era member Boy Wander, so take a look below!

Awards – TOP 10 of 2017

10. Divinity: Original Sin II
9. Polybius
8. Yakuza 0
7. Nioh
6. Nex Machina
3. What Remains of Edith Finch
2. Super Mario Odyssey
1. Zelda: BOTW

Awards – Best Visual Design

Winner: ARMS
Runner Up: Persona 5
Runner Up: Assassin’s Creed Origins

Awards – Best Audio Design

Winner: Zelda: BOTW
Runner Up: Nier: Automata
Runner Up: Splatoon 2

Awards – Best Storytelling

Winner: Edith Finch
Runner Up: Pyre
Runner Up: Nier: Automata

Awards: Best Hardware
Winner: Switch
Runner Up: Xbox One X
Runner Up: SNES Classic

Awards: ‘Living’ Game of The Year
Winner: Overwatch
Runner Up: Rainbow Six Seige
Runner Up: No Man’s Sky

Awards – Publisher of the Year
Winner: Nintendo
Runner Up: Annapurna Interactive
Runner Up: Ubisoft

Awards – Studio of The Year
Winner: Nintendo EPD
Runner Up: Giant Sparrow
Runner Up: Housemarque



  1. Never forget that I shall not be getting my hands on a Switch myself until the Next Official Mario Kart game with 16 NEW Nitro and Retro Tracks is announced, not to mention aspects from Super Mario Odyssey included. One that has stuff in it to unlock, one that’s, well, actually a Mario game, hopefully one that’ll have a good amount of Familiar Mario Characters. We are lucky to’ve had a New Mario Kart game on each and every gaming system that continues to amaze us, Hideki Konno’s goal I’m certain has been to release a new game on each and every Nintendo System, not sure if the consistent gaps though are intentional or merely a coincidence (yep, Mario Kart games don’t release more than 3 years apart).

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