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Kotaku: Nintendo Direct Mini Apparently Coming Today With Dark Souls Remastered Announcement

Laura Kate Dale is reporting on Kotaku UK that a mini Nintendo Direct will be announced today to air shortly afterwards. It will contain a look at software due to be released in 2018. One of the games that is set to be revealed is Dark Souls Remastered which is coming to all current consoles including the Nintendo Switch. The game is expected to arrive on Nintendo’s latest platform in May.

According to multiple sources, both in development and retail, in the next few hours Nintendo will announce a Nintendo Direct Mini to air shortly afterwards showing 2018 software for Switch. As part of this Nintendo Direct, Dark Souls Remastered will be revealed, updating the original game to be playable portably for the first time. Our sources say this is the closing announcement of the direct.


19 thoughts on “Kotaku: Nintendo Direct Mini Apparently Coming Today With Dark Souls Remastered Announcement”

    1. Yup I think the last mini was like 10 minutes long or something but there was pretty decent announcements, it’s better than nothing at least. If dark souls remastered is the closing announcement then my expectations have been lowered a lot even though I would love to see it on switch lol

  1. Good news that Dark Souls is coming to a Nintendo console (Finally) , just a shame that it’s another port of a old games people already played on there ps3 many years ago wich seems to be the story with the entire switch so far.

    Currently playing Demon Souls 3 another amazing game btw that every gamer should be able to play.

    1. Could be missing a couple, but I’m pretty sure Skyrim and LA Noire are the only two AAA games in Switch’s library as of now that were playable on the PS3 years ago. More like an entire sentence in the story of the Switch so far.

      I suppose I could include Bayonetta 1 as well, but hey, we get Bayo 2 and 3 also. So enjoy your PS3. I’ve got two of the highest rated games of all time on my Switch as well as a slew of other great games.

      1. The PS3 mention meant another old port wich wasn’t aimed at the PS3. If you wan’t to talk scores the PS4 has 6 out of 15 games that ever scored a 10 at Gamespot wich is very impresssive for just one console gen. Nintendo has 5 spread over all there consoles ever released wich says allot cause in the late 80’s+90’s they made some of the best consoles in gaming history.

        I’m happy with Breath of the Wild but it’s still rated lower than Ocarina of Time wich I think was a overhyped game. In the long run I prefer A Links to the Past on the Snes and Majora’s mask possibly even Skyward Sword. The only reason why Ocarina of time was so highly rated, is because it was revolutionairy at the time just like Breath of the Wild today altough it’s not as original cause we already have games like Witcher and Skyrim for many years before it.

        In the end what matters most is the size of the library and its quality and i’m fairly sure Nintendo has been losing this battle since the n64. I pretty much buy 30-50 games every Playstation generation and the only Nintendo Gen that comes close (since the n64) is the Gamecube but the quality of that list is allot worse.

        Ofcourse Nintendo makes amazing games but people want more than a short list of Nintendo first party when they invest into a console. Since the WII i’m buying Nintendo consoles for Zelda,Mario and Metroid and thats about it really. I can push it to 15-20 games tops just for the sake of actually buying some games for it but not much worth mentioning.

        1. If you want to talk about scores you have to look at multiple reviewers, not just Gamespot. 7 of the top 20 highest rated games of all time on metacritic were Nintendo exclusives, and 2 of those games are Switch titles. There’s only one PS4 title in that count and it’s GTA V, a multi-plat game. If you don’t like metacritic, you can try gamerankings. That site puts 8 Nintendo games in the top 20, two Switch games in the top 5, and again, GTA V the only PS4 game up there. Also, Are you criticizing Breath of the Wild for not being rated higher than Ocarina of Time? It’s Ocarina of Time. The game holds the number one and two spots on metacritic and gamerankings respectively. It is for all intents and purposes the highest rated game of all time. Nothing tops it.

          I think what matters in the end, is that people like the Switch. It’s been 10 months and I only recall seeing one person online say that they’ve gotten bored of the Switch. So apparently people are finding something they like on it to occupy their time. On top of it, I am always reading comments or hearing people say that they want every game on the Switch from now on. People like the format. They like using it. There’s been plenty of content to keep them busy, and things don’t look to be slowing down soon.

          Finally, 3rd party devs have been successful on Switch so far. In fact I haven’t seen one yet say that they haven’t. Even EA is happy about Fifa’s performance on the system, regardless of how terrible that port was. Expect to see much stronger 3rd party support in the future. It’s been less than a year. Give it some time. This system isn’t like the last two we’ve gotten from Nintendo. It’s gonna be a major player going forward.

      2. This isnt ment at you, but at droid.

        I just cant believe a Sony fan would have the audacity to complain about ports when the PS4 was dry of first party for over 3 years and got a TON of ps3 ports. So not only ports from a generation ago, but ports from its own previous console 😅 hell, theyre still getting ports to this day. Sony is about to milk them again with that Ico remaster that STILL has shitty mechanics and controlls, but somehow Nintendo gets shot for it.

      3. Demigod I own the Gameboy , Nes , Snes , Gameboy Color , N64 , Gameboy Advanced , Gamecube , Nintendo DS , WII , Nintendo 3ds , WII U and Switch……. PS4 fan yeah right dude ;) I do however know that my PS1 has way more games than my N64 , my PS2 has about the same amount of games as the Gamecube just way better quality , my PS3 has way more games than my WII and my PS4 will have way more games than my Switch. All with a wider range of quality games aswell all highly rated.

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  3. I don’t think so. Nintendo’s gonna announce a Direct just a few hours before it airs? When have they ever done that? Even short, game-specific directs have been announced at least a full day in advance.

    Also, I find it hard to believe Nintendo will have a “mini” direct. To me, a “mini” direct means 10 mins max, and I think we need at least 30. We only know of 3 Nintendo games definitely coming in 2018 (Bayonetta not confirmed yet?) and have little to no info on any of them, no third party 2018 titles have actually been shown off yet, and Nintendo hasn’t revealed a blockbuster game for 2018. Last year, we knew about Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, Arms and Xenoblade all back in January. Perhaps that was necessary because it was a launch year, but I find it hard to believe Nintendo would go back to the days when info on the future was lacking.

    I suppose they could do both a mini and full direct, but why bother?

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