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Video: Kids Receiving Nintendo Switch For Christmas Compilation

There’s no doubt that many kids, along with adults, received brand new Nintendo Switch systems for Christmas and were immensely pleased with their gift. YouTube channel Puppies/Videos/Compilation have retrieved a number of videos of children opening their shiny new Nintendo Switch consoles for Christmas and it’s indeed heartwarming to see their immensely excitable reactions. Have a watch of the video down below.


  1. As a dad with kids that I’m trying to teach to love Nintendo, I loved this video. It’s so weird that someone started cutting onions in my kitchen during the part when the kid in red started crying. 😭😭😭

  2. This is cool. We also got one of our daughters a switch for Christmas with MARIO and rabbids.
    BUT, she has robbed me of my MARIO kart. We were playin it all over Christmas and she absolutely loves it and she can play odyssey with the blue arrow option ( great idea for little ones )

  3. The one with the Switch and iPad was priceless lol. Also when the other kid asked for a PS4 and the one dad screwed up by thinking his kid didn’t know about Zelda lol.

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