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Disc Jam For Nintendo Switch Features Cross-play With PC And Local Wireless Multiplayer

Disc Jam developer High Horse Entertainment has announced that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will feature cross-play with PC and will also feature local wireless multiplayer against friends. Disc Jam for the Nintendo Switch will launch on the Nintendo eShop on February 8th. Here’s what else is coming to Disc Jam:

“Joining the game’s roster of characters, South American volleyball player Lannie is set to make her mark on the arena as a perfect balance between power and agility.

The update will also unleash two brand new modes, providing even more ways for competitive and solo players to jam. On the competitive side of things, say hello to Ranked Leagues and Seasons. Do you have what it takes to rise through the ranks of the Universal Federation of Disc and join the Elite? Soon enough, you’ll have your chance to prove it. Then, for players who prefer to fly solo, get ready to experience all the heated action of ranked leagues without the pressures of online play in a gauntlet that will test even the most seasoned Disc Jam veterans. More details on all the goodies coming in February’s update will be landing in the coming weeks.”


3 thoughts on “Disc Jam For Nintendo Switch Features Cross-play With PC And Local Wireless Multiplayer”

  1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    If the paranoid Switch fans are right & Sony is trying to undermine the Switch, they aren’t doing a very good job since they missed with stopping cross platform play with this one. Pitiful, Sony! How dare you fake let these people down with their conspiracy theories!?

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