Nintendo Switch

Celeste Includes “Assist Mode”

Celeste, which launches on the Nintendo Switch today and is by the talented team behind Towerfall, will include an Assist Mode which enables new users to easily get to grips with the game. The team says that they recommend playing without Assist Mode on your first time playing, but if you find the game too challenging Assist Mode is there to help you out.

“Assist Mode allows you to modify the game’s rules to reduce its difficulty. This includes options such as slowing the game speed, granting yourself invincibility or infinite stamina, and skipping chapters entirely.

Celeste was designed to be a challenging, but accessible game. We believe that its difficutly is essential to the experience. We recommend playing without Assist Mode your first time.

However, we understand that every player is different. If Celeste is inaccessible to you due to its difficulty, we hope that Assist Mode will allow you to still enjoy it.”



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