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Rumour: Sumo Digital Is Working On A New Karting Game

Sumo Digital, the talented developers behind Sonic And SEGA All-Star Racing Transformed, appear to be working on a new karting title. The news was discovered in some now deleted presentation slides. It will be interesting to see whether it’s another SEGA collaboration or alternatively a brand new karting franchise. Given that Sonic And SEGA All-Star Racing Transformed performed well at retail, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to guess it’s related to that.




  1. At this point, I honestly don’t care about another Sonic game or spin off. Sega proved they don’t give a shit anymore so just bury the blue bastard in one piece or give him to someone else with complete competence.


      1. Like I said, I DONT CARE IF ITS MADE BY SEGA THEMSELVES. That’s why I also said Sonic should be handed off to some other talent who gives a fuck about the IP and their work like Whitehead.


      2. No they didn’t. They published Mania because it’s their IP. Sega wish they a game that good and Forces…don’t even go there. The “it isn’t that bad” is no longer an excuse anymore. Either it’s bad or it’s not. You can’t both ways, otherwise you’ll sound like an obvious desperate asshole defending garbage. That’s why Sega will keep making garbage like that which shoves bad writing and jokes down your throats and expect to like it. This is Wii U Gamepad level of bad enforcement on mediocricy.

        Straight to the point: Stop defending trash like an idiot and criticize what doesn’t work and belong and also scream at Sega to actually give two fucks about making quality games with good plots that doesn’t constantly rape the continuity into more confusion or shallowly throw in randomly new characters without any background in it’s body.


  2. The guy that said the Sega racing game was better than Mario kart 8, you’re entitled to your own opinion but it’s an extreme minority view. Even with the rubbish battle mode.


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