Nintendo Switch

Here’s 10 Minutes Of Kirby: Star Allies Gameplay

Video game press and enthusiasts recently managed to get some time on the upcoming Kirby title for the Nintendo Switch, Kirby Star Allies. One such crew was GameXplain. The team have produced a ten minute video showcasing getting the hang of the basics of the colourful platformer, as well as taking a venture into Whispy Woods. Have a watch, below.



      1. A new power up or two that’s not true most Kirby games get up to +10 power ups there are a lot of power ups and not all Kirby games are the same, heck they only thing you can say that is always same is that Kirby games usually have some dark lore and story in them I can only say triple deluxe is the only game where I heard people say it’s just a recycle Kirby game, other than that each Kirby game is built around a certain mechanic and the one the switch one is built around is the cancel version of that one Kirby game that was plan on the gamecube and crystal shards on the 64


      2. I’m a Kirby fan, but if “a kirby game with some new powerups” doesn’t sound like enough for you, I’d skip it. Particularly if you don’t have people to play with because they’ve been pushing the multiplayer as their source of kirby innovation.


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