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Nintendo Remaining Tight Lipped On The Creative Team Involved In Nintendo Labo

Nintendo wouldn’t reveal to Kotaku which creative team was behind the ingenious Labo concept. When the project was first announced Nintendo didn’t say which team was behind the concept and even now at the recent press hands-on event the company wouldn’t tell Kotaku which developers or designers are working on the project. It remains a complete mystery.

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  1. Game developers surely aren’t coming up with the crafting and cardboard designs, as for the actual software side of labo, seems like mini games and reused assets with what looks project giant robot and Mario kart assets, very curious

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    1. why would nintendo give LABO to their most prestigious subsidiary? A game like LABO that need more industrial designers than programmers? 70+ people that was able to do prime, a technical marvel, to make a fishing app, a project giant robot/tank tank tank game and a bike game for kids?
      Come on…


      1. Mike S Replying to my messages, I don’t see reply button to your comment:
        So quiet instantly mean Retro? Why?
        Studio that made Prime running a 60 fps on GameCube programming LABO’s bug interface for joycon use perfectly makes sense…
        and the team behind 1, 2 Switch making LABO, a game which premise could be similar, does not make sense. Program and interaction without screen are equally important.
        Without using google, do you know which team did 1,2 Switch?
        Why would you know which team made LABO then?


  2. I don’t mind LABO. Naw, it’s not my thing. But for those 8 to 12 year olds I think its pretty cool. Its being interactive & all where you put it together.

    As for the developer? Sh*t, it just might be Retro. Or…maybe it’s not. Lol, whoever it is- they’ve turned cardboard into a revolutionary interactive toy, Lmbo.


  3. The worst case reason for why they won’t tell us who the devs for Labo is is because it is Retro Studios which will piss off a lot of us because guys that gave us hardcore games like Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns/Tropical Freeze had their talent wasted on a gimmick game meant for casuals when any mobile developer would have been more than sufficient to make something like Labo. It would also possibly mean other devs could be forced to make things that will take away from hardcore games to pull in the casuals later on. If they are gonna waste the talent on gimmick games for casuals again, they might as well have just called the Switch the Nintendo SWiitch. :/ I hope the positive reaction to Labo doesn’t give Nintendo the wrong idea that they can pull another Wii and slam us with more casual than hardcore games. As long as this doesn’t get out of hand, I’m okay with the occasional gimmick game. But if this is the start of another downward spiral, ugh. I fear for the success of the Nintendo system AFTER Switch as we could get the Switch’s Wii U successor. :/

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      1. My first though was Lego… because… building stuff… for kids… you know…
        Lego is combined by the words “Leg Godt” which means “Play Well” in Danish.


  4. Yep, definitely Retro and David Wise’s project.. LOL people are so ridiculous. Retro hasn’t been spending the last several years developing Labo. Don’t be silly. It’s probably Miyamoto’s latest baby, considering Giant Robot was his idea.

    Before people panic about this becoming the next Wii, just stop and think for a second. Wii was popular BECAUSE of the new “waggle” controls. Switch is popular because it has AAA first and third party titles ON THE GO. Labo’s success will not cause Nintendo to make everything tied into Labo, or cause us to change what kind of games we buy on Switch, and won’t cause third party developers to stop making AAA titles. Just chill. Labo will be it’s own thing, much like Amiibo, and won’t affect anything.


    1. Except for the fact amiibo is used in ways some find to be bullshit so you used the wrong thing to compare Labo to and will make some even more worried. Or did you miss the crap they did with amiibo and Metroid: Samus Returns? Then there are the exclusive armor sets unlocked in BotW through Legend of Zelda amiibo. Then there are the exclusive Mii outfits in Mario Kart 8/8 DX tied to amiibo. Some of you might consider alternate outfits that add cosmetic/customization options to games as not that big of a deal if they are tied to amiibo but tons more think the opposite and actually consider those options integral to making the character they are playing fit more of their own preferred style. Making them exclusive to amiibo is bullshit. ESPECIALLY when specific amiibo are rare to find and force some people to sadly rely on eBay because Dumbtendo, Nintendo’s inner idiot, doesn’t allow fans to go to one of their Nintendo store sites & order a specific amiibo that can’t be found anywhere else. (Not to mention it cuts out the middle man & nets Nintendo more money than what they would get if they sold it in someone else’s store.) amiibo are a lot more intrusive than some want to admit.

      As for Labo itself, some of us could be worried over nothing but this IS Nintendo. They haven’t changed THAT much over the last 1-2 years and still make some questionable decisions; as I pointed out above, the most recent being what they did with Samus Returns & Metroid amiibo. In any case, I hope you’re right. If not… Well only time will tell…

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