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Super Mario Odyssey Receives Its First-ever Discount

It’s very rare to see Nintendo’s games go on sale, especially only a couple months after release. For today however, it seems as if Nintendo is discounting the game for almost 20% off on Amazon. If you haven’t picked up the game yet, this will probably be the cheapest it will be for a while.

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    1. Console game are capable of selling without being given away for practically nothing., a strong sign of being overwhelmingly more popular. Even better, most of them were actually designed for the console and aren’t cheap rush job ports.

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  1. Sony gives discounts on some PS4 games after they’ve only been out for a few months even when said games are doing just fine in sales. It’s nice to see Nintendo is taking a cue from them.


      1. Exactly why Sony (and Microsoft) does it and why 3rd parties let them when it’s one of their games. Once they’ve made a profit on the game selling and have made a good bit of their development costs back, discounts only help games sell even more copies after that and earn them more money. So Nintendo shouldn’t stop at Super Mario Odyssey and should do it with their other games, too. Occasional discounts help games sell better. The problem is that Nintendo tends to be a little bit greedy (and maybe a bit cheap, too) and rarely do discounts that don’t involve buying a shit ton of other stuff to get points (that expire after a certain amount of time) for those discounts. You might hate Sony but they do do some things better than Nintendo.


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