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Matt Thorson Says That Celeste Will Be Getting A Patch Soon

Destructoid sat down with Celeste dev Matt Thorson to talk about the game’s success, as well as what the future will hold for Celeste. Thorson revealed that they have been “fixing bugs and making small changes to the game since launch”. Thorson also announced that the game will be getting a patch soon. Thorson even had some positive things to say about the Nintendo Switch, so here’s what he said in full:

“As soon as we played the Switch, we knew it was a great fit for Celeste. We also had a hunch that Celeste would resonate with Nintendo’s audience, and that the game would find a home there. We’re going to patch Celeste first, and then start working on porting TowerFall. The Switch version of Celeste has sold the most, and that’s what we were expecting. We feel like Celeste and the Switch are a perfect fit for each other. We are glad we launched on all consoles though, and we really appreciate the support we’ve seen across the board.”

The reception has blown us away. When you’re working on something for so long in relative secret, part of the challenge is keeping perspective on it. It’s easy to forget about what makes your game special and focus on the flaws, so when reception is positive it kind of blindsides you. We’ve got some great feedback and we’ve been fixing bugs and making small changes to the game since launch. There’ll be a patch soon that will address most of that!”


3 thoughts on “Matt Thorson Says That Celeste Will Be Getting A Patch Soon”

  1. I haven’t encountered any bugs, so this strikes me as a bit odd. But hurry up with the Towerfall port, I’ve been waiting forever!

    1. I have had one notable bug. When you enter the core (what is that level called?) and talk to the granny, the game has soft-locked for after the dialogue several times (I had to save & quit, then return to the game to advance the dialogue).
      Aside from that, not a bug, but I feel like the directional dash feels a bit imprecise on the Switch (probably not the game’s fault, just a problem with the Switch controllers). Maybe they can find some workaround for that. Aside from that, only a few localization bugs I noticed. Overall a rather polished game, though.

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