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Undead Horde Currently In Development For Nintendo Switch

10tons has announced that their fantasy-action zombie title Undead Horde will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch late 2018. The Switch’s eShop seems to be lacking games that involve zombies so I’m sure it’ll be a welcome addition for some readers.

You play as a necromancer whose job it is to navigate through a fantasy kingdom and kill the living to bring back as the undead for your own gain. Adding more walkers to your horde will make you stronger giving the player the ability to overcome stronger forces as you progress through the game. A more sinister variation of Pikmin, if you will…


  • Slay enemies and assimilate their corpses into your army
  • Easy to get into RPG style hack, slash & cast action
  • Find items, level up, and raise the dead to become more powerful
  • Build up your Necromancer with items to suit your personal tastes and playstyle
  • Procedural item generation: Endless number of items to loot, steal and buy – can you find the most epic ones?
  • A vast world to explore and conquer – environments ranging from forests to catacombs.




      1. The problem is not the money, its that symbol which only brings bad things. I don’t want anything bad or what some call as negative energy in my consoles.

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    1. Same. I agree. I tolerate magic to some degree. Love LOTR. But I can’t do full-blown witchcraft resurrection enactments on a Saturday and then feel okay with myself at church on a Sunday. It’s a shame too cuz I dig the art style and simple gameplay mechanics. Almost reminds me of Gauntlet Legends.


      1. Actually, I’ve watched enough shows involving magic that not even magic itself tolerates resurrecting the dead, or necromancy for short. From what I’ve gathered, it’s viewed as the most vile form of magic as it goes against the laws of nature where as most magic is actually meant to respect it. Only the divine are allowed to use it as a ton of things can go wrong if a mortal uses it. Like bringing something back that ISN’T the person they tried to bring back. Etc, etc.


      1. Are you referring to the upside down 5 point star? If so, you don’t have anything to fear, actually, as that’s just an ordinary upside down pentagram. Contrary to popular belief, an upside down pentagram isn’t really evil. As long as all the lines are of equal length, it’s, for the most part, harmless. Now if the bottom point is longer than the other points of the pentagram, THEN you should be worried. It’s actually how you tell the difference between an actual satanic cultist and a poser if I’m not mistaken.


      2. Interesting insights, Sonyedo King. I actually don’t mind some fun zombie action, but don’t really care for the hocus pocus side of trying to resurrect a dead person. I’m going to guess the game’s creators aren’t trying to make a big deal of it either, but it is something I wish they’d remove. Thanks again, your majesty!


  1. Ah I’ll keep an eye on this game as I like RTS type games! That and I like the art-style as well!

    Hmm…all these comments about not getting the game just because of the symbol is rather particular, though I respect everyone’s reasons on it.

    Me though honestly, the symbol won’t stop me from getting the game if it turns out good or better after full release. There may even be a chance that the symbol will be changed in the full version but who knows…I don’t mind either.

    The Binding of Issac is a game I love too that exists on the switch, this game is something that wouldn’t turn me away if it continues to use them. Only time will tell where it’ll go, for now I’ll be keeping an watch on it’s development. Yup!


    1. Hey Crazy Bunny – yes, no worries on having a different perspective. I appreciated Metroid Bane’s perspective and wanted to show my support. I have actually played Call of Duty zombies and had a lot of fun with it. I guess different people draw the line in different places. I’m like you and enjoy the art style and RTS games. This game really isn’t far off from something I’d play. Binding of Isaac looks fun, though perhaps a bit gory for my taste. But I would maybe still play with a friend just because the game looks like a lot of fun. Take care!


  2. This game actually looks like a lot of fun! Love the simplistic game play style and artwork. I’m incredibly surprised that people wouldn’t play a game because of an upside down pentagram in a Pre-Alpha game play trailer. It becomes even more interesting when they relate actions from a video game to their real life religion. I guess its safe to say that “diablo” or “doom” wouldn’t appeal to those folks either though.


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