Man Claims The Joy-Con HD Rumble Helped Him Find A Tumour In His Hand

One feature of the Nintendo Switch that makes the console stand out is it’s very clever controllers; the Joy-Con. Not only can they be used in a multitude of ways to suit your play style and the number of people you are playing with, both the left and right controller also boasts Nintendo’s very own HD Rumble.

A man in Sydney, Australia named Chris on Reddit is saying that the HD Rumble from the Joy-Con helped him find a tumour in one of his hands. When playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and most notably when picking up in-game coins, one of his palms started to hurt. Over the course of time, it got worse but never caused him nearly as much discomfort when playing on his Xbox or PC.

“I’m a programmer, and it was a pretty busy time at work, so I just put it down to [a repetitive stress injury] or something similar,” Chris told Kotaku over email. “I thought maybe it’d go after a few quieter days.” But the pain gradually got worse and so Chris went to the doctors and is now due for an operation to remove a small but a painful tumour in his hand. He said if it wasn’t for the Switch, he would never have visited the hospital to go and get it checked out.

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      1. Thanks for your reply. I am sorry that I didn’t mention that my question was for PBJ89 but I appreciate that you answer it. I wish this site allows the option to reply to everyone regardless of how many times I replied.


  1. Lmao ok so sounds like his hand got so cramped playing with the joycons that he noticed it was something not normal? Don’t really think that’s a good thing on Nintendo’s part


    1. That’s not what the article says, did you even read it he said everytime picking up ingame coins the joycon would vibrate the rumble triggers when that happen you know it vibrates, there is nothing in this article that says he got cramp from holding the grip

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      1. Some people can’t be bothered to even read these days. Even if they do, you have people who ignore the facts to come up with a narrative that best suits their agenda.

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    1. A tumor is an amass of human cells that have grown too much in one single place so yes. You can virtually get a tumor anywhere on your body. BUT not all tumors are fatal.

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    Is the vibration really that strong or is it possibly the form and function together?

    I had one of those aftermarket PS2 remotes with the big motors for rumble, that would find anything I’m sure, it even broke the triggers.


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