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Rumour: Could These Be The Pokemon Gen VIII Starters?

Update 2: As most of you expected this is fake 

Update: Reset Era member Sage had the following to say about the images “Actually, the fact that they used katakana for the first, kanji for the second and hiragana for the third makes it more likely these are real. Writing in katakana creates a ‘cooler’ image, which it seems like they’re trying to project with the grass monkey. Hiragana has a more ‘cute’ / ‘childlike’ image, which is the theme of the water starter. It’s a very Japanese thing to do so if it’s fake then whoever did it put a lot of thought into it.”

Original post: An image is floating around the internet that supposedly shows off the Pokemon Gen VIII starters. The image originated on 4Chan and was picked up by Pokemon fan site PokeJungle. There are apparently some concerns about the Japanese in the text so we shall have to wait and see. PokeJungle says we have a Grass-type Lemur, a Fire-type Rabbit and a Water-type Platypus.





    1. On 4chan, the starter leaks happened, the smash 4 roster leak happened, the switch presentation leak happened and was 100% correct and much more different, and even denied, by people like Liam Robertson, and much more. Just because it’s 4chan doesn’t mean it’s correct.

  1. It looks fake to me, but they are very cool, I love the platypus one, imagine this being evolved, wow. The lead monkey also looks very well done.
    Id it’s a fake the artist even get the work to put a paper texture there, nice effort.

  2. 100% fake because the “leaked” image is on 4chan which indicates its a fake and fakes will end up on 4chan or found by a 4chan member because they are fakes, also just because it has the “confidential” on the image it doesn’t mean its legit so therefore its a fake. did i mention its a fake?

    1. It’s very similar to the final evolution leaks. In fact, that also had confidential too. This seems almost too real, and the Japanese is very simple but nothing Google Translate wont say is incorrect.

  3. Blech. Another set of fake starters. These things never look good, especially the rejected psyduck.

  4. I dunno, the supposed Grass-type starter looks like what Tommy Chong would look like turned into a Pokemon, the Fire-type looks like it would become ANOTHER fire-fighting type by its final evolution, and the Water-type starter looks like a Ducktales reject.

  5. I like the lemur, I can already see it having cool evolutions just like from Froakie to Frogadier to Greninja.

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