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Here’s A New Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer

Nintendo has announced that a brand new story chapter for Fire Emblem Heroes is arriving February 21st at 11:00pm Pacific Time. In other time zones, this will be February 22nd at 2am Eastern Time and 7am UK Time. The story chapter, which is called “Blood and Snow”, will also release with three new heroes. Robin, Hardin and Celica are on the way, and they were the focus of a brand new trailer that was released by Nintendo tonight. Here’s the trailer:




  1. Never liked this dark/red wicked evil stuff alternatives. Ike also got red eyes in Cipher now, and I never understood the appeal.
    Only thing I can say in the defence of doing this in this case, is that all the characters here actually got “hypnotised” during their games.

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    1. Well Alternate Future Robin wasn’t hypnotized, He was legitimately evil and the final boss of Awakening. But man is that skill set broken. Range-counter Armored dragon with def/res piercing and Vengeful Fighter like wtf.

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