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Dataminers Discover New Costumes Coming To Super Mario Odyssey

Dataminers have been having a field day with Super Mario Odyssey recently and this time they have discovered a range of costumes that you will be able to wear in the game. They are are planned to be released at a much later date. The costumes are apparently already implemented in the game and Nintendo has time-locked them until a certain date.

Hat Name Hat Description Costume Name Costume Description
Batting Helmet A right-hander’s batting helmet in bright red. Baseball Uniform Whether you play baseball or not, you’ve got to admit those pinstripes are snazzy.
Conductor Wig A wig that reminds one of the greatest (and baldest?) conductors. Conductor Outfit An outfit designed for the tiny part of all of us that wants to wave a stick at musicians.
Racing Helmet A helmet that’ll get you pumped up for drafting and hairpin turns. Racing Outfit You will enjoy driving more if you’re wearing this outfit, guaranteed.
Santa Hat Another red hat beloved by children. Santa Outfit The only thing this outfit is missing is a big bag of power-up items for the kids.
Satellaview Helmet A memento of some forgotten service. Satellaview Suit This outfit represents what the future used to look like.
Zombie Headwear A masterwork of practical effects. Zombie Outfit When an outfit crosses the line between “distressed” and “undead.”
Harriet Hat A hat you should not wear until after thoroughly checking it for explosives. Harriet Suit An outwardly lovely gown, the interior structure has rotted away and is holding on by a thread.
Rango Hat A near-perfect replica of Rango’s hat…except for the awesome saw blades and trampoline capability. Sigh… Rango Suit A humble outfit that does the job effectively, if not glamorously. Or efficiently. Or smartly. Or even not-dumbly.
Spewart Hat A hat you should definitely wash thoroughly before wearing, given Spewart’s…hobbies. Spewart Suit An outfit that reminds one of school days—of reading, of writing, and of full-body finger painting.
Topper Hat A hat that practically demands to be stacked up on top of identical copies of itself and swung dangerously about. Topper Suit A cheap knockoff of a fancy, tailored suit. Smells of carrots and broken promises.




  1. *yawn* I’m sorry but am I the only one who was super underwhelmed with Odyssey and it’s Luigi update??? These costumes do nothing and are just pointless :/ …why Ninty?


    1. Although I don’t mind the current possession ability you have, I do agree on the idea of suits granting effects like Gold Mario doubles coin count of every coin you get, Invisible Cap (which should resemble 64’s version or slightly transparent so you can see yourself) should not alert nearby enemies, Naked Mario allows you to swim faster and Samurai/Metal should grant you one hit invincibility on first contact of an enemy or hazard..except the purple acid.

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    1. I wanna see Giant/Tiny Kingdom like that level in 64 but with Bros. 3 feel, Haunted Kingdom with one giant mansion to venture like in Luigi’s Mansion filled with Boos (which makes me wonder why are they absent) and Sky Kingdom. We have Cloud Kingdom but it’s pathetically short and only for a boss fight. I want a legit Sky world like in Bros. 3 with beanstalks and classic airship area(s). :)

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  2. I think there should be costumes of power up suits from the past like Hammer Bros., Tanooki, Frog, Fire, Feather Cape (I love that one), Cloud, Soar from Galaxy (Black/Red) and even 64’s Wing Cap.

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