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Rumour: GameStop TV Advertises Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition For Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition was recently rated for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One by the ESRB. A Nintendo Switch version hasn’t been mentioned but it appears that a Twitter user may have snapped proof that the game is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. An advert appeared instore of Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition which mentioned at the bottom that it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. As always, we shall have to wait for an official announcement, if it’s legitimate.


11 thoughts on “Rumour: GameStop TV Advertises Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition For Nintendo Switch”

  1. I just can’t see the game running on the Switch, but if it happens, it would be the game that would tell all the developers out there *you just need to work hard to make it run on the Switch* , for some people that game is Doom, but Doom is well known for having god tier coding out of this world, hell the original has a legacy of running on anything that has a turn on buttom.

    1. Yup same idea I get too. I just don’t see it running at a performance that would make me choose it over console versions being that I own it on PS4 already.

  2. Can’t recall the last time GameStop TV made a goof on what platforms a game is being advertised for. Might be some legitimacy to this.

    We know for awhile now that Square has wanted to get the game on the Switch.

    Guess we will just have to play the wait and see game.

  3. I bet it’s only going to be digitally released due to the size of the game and how cheap and lazy triple a publishers are when it comes supporting the Switch. Even if they release it physically they’re not going to put the whole thing on one cartridge so they’re gonna force you to download the rest, not only that but it’s won’t even be the full game because Square Enix is going to milk this game for another year through a second season pass and probably add in microtransactions for the multiplayer since they’re making this into a “games as a service” IP going forward, which I thought FF XIV was already supposed to be rather than doing it to all FF games!
    I used to love Square games when I was younger (back when they were known as SquareSoft and Enix was a separate competing rpg company) but now they are a trash publisher that milk and ruin every IP they own, just like EA! Look at what they have done to Secret of Mana with that remake, Chrono Trigger on Steam is a mess and they didn’t even finish what they’ve started when it came to Deus EX’s sequel!

  4. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    For those wanting it on Switch and/or haven’t gotten it on PS4, if this is true, be thankful because if they gave it to you last year as the base game early in 2017, most of you would have been hugely let down by the game since it needed a lot of story patches and new cutscnes. (It was pretty much released unfinished in November 2016.)

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