Nintendo Switch

Blizzard Says Diablo 3 Tweet Was Just Fun But They Have Nothing To Announce For Switch

The internet naturally brewed up a storm when Blizzard published a tweet yesterday which suggested that Diablo 3 could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, the company has said today to Polygon it was just a fun tweet and that they have nothing to announce for the platform. Here’s what the spokesperson said to Polygon about that tweet:

“We can assure you we’re not that clever,” a spokesperson for Blizzard Entertainment said via email. “[It was] meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce.”



  1. Its okay Blizzard, you only lose the opportunity to work on a big Nintendo IP like Zelda, Mario or Metroid, something that Ubisoft was given the privilege ;)


  2. (Continuation) I mentioned Zelda and Metroid because if Nintendo give the privilege of making a Mario IP game (Mario + Rabbits) which is their most beloved IP, then its also possible that they give them the privilege of working on other Nintendo IPs.


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