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Kirby Star Allies Demo: Kirby Can Beat Bosses By Doing Nothing

The Kirby Star Allies demo is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Europe and naturally many of you have taken it for a spin. YouTuber MasterOfHyrule has played through it and has noticed that it’s possible to play the game without ever making an attack, this even applies to bosses. This could change will the retail release due March 16th.

Thanks Andy for the tip!



  1. I would complain that Europe gets a demo and America doesn’t, but after they way they’ve been treated when it come to games, they deserve some slack.


  2. This is fine for a Kirby title. Games are entry level titles and this would be great for a very little kid having trouble if their friends did the attacking. Obvious as an older long time player, I won’t be summoning allies often unless needed. So it doesn’t effect my own gameplay.

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  3. I’m dumbfounded that this is a new concept for people. Kirby games often are “easy”, that is quite literally the whole point. Why complain? Especially basing that analasis after only two levels of a demo. There isn’t enough tangible gameplay to make remarks such as that. But even then, I digress. Kirby games, although not ONLY for children, are definitely made for a more relaxing and simple game style. I am utterly confused that people are attempting to argue that a Kirby game is “too easy”. I shake my head in shame. On other terms, Kirby Star Allies looks absolutely stunning, graphically. I am happy I preordered this game.


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