Mario’s Official Japanese Bio Now Says That He Is A Plumber After All

You may recall some news that surfaced late last year, when Mario’s official Japanese bio had been updated to say that he was no longer a plumber. Well, it looks like it didn’t stay that way. Last month, it was discovered that Mario’s bio on the Japanese Mario website had been updated again. Once again, Mario’s bio says that he is a plumber. The bio also says that “his activity is not confined to that area”.




    1. Or he can just venture to other far-off kingdoms with Cappy, Luigi, and Yoshi, and leave Peach to fade into obscurity, outside of the plot-less party/sports/kart racing games. Hell, he could just spend more time with Pauline, since she’s relevant again.

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      1. Pauline probably doesn’t even want to date Mario she seems like a independent woman anyways, and also why would anybody wanna date Mario that guy is pretty much curse it seems no matter who he has a close relationship is most likely to get kidnap


      2. So she hates Mario and all males? Also, did Pauline relay this information to you? Do you have her email address?

        Also, Bowser can either find another plot (you don’t see Eggman kidnapping Amy 24-7) or back the hell off for a while and give a new antagonist time to shine outside of RPG games. Bowser won’t be forgotten, especially when we still have the party games (how else do Daisy, Waluigi, and Birdo stay relevant).


      3. Amazing how many people believe mario funds all the parties, tournament’s and ECT himself……

        Peach let’s him use her land and properties on the mushroom kingdom and advertises his name she does stuff for him too and even saved him at a point in time. So it’s not like she didn’t do anything for him.

        And think about it like this. In Odyssey both mario and bowser both put a lot of pressure on her shoving things in her face demanding she choose, she’s not obligated to say yes just because mario saved him. And she did seem grateful post game. Mario is a hero he didn’t care that she refused his marriage offer he seemed happy to know she was OK. Don’t make him seem like he thought he expected peach to put out just because of him saving her like he deserved it.

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      4. -As far as feminist seemed to be concerned, Peach doesn’t need Mario.
        -In turn, Mario doesn’t need her.
        -Pauline is nicer. Hell, TWO festivals in his honor. One of them is on the moon! Simply, just stick with the girl who hasn’t burned you.
        -Both Cappy and the post-game make it clear that’s all about the adventure.
        -People (mainly gritty FPS enthusiasts) have been getting sick of the same tired “Mario rescues Peach from Bowser” plot.
        -After fatigue after fatigue of linear 3D Mario games (SMG, SMG2, SM3DL, SM3DW), the NSMB series, and MAKER, we finally get the glorious return of a sandbox (lack of a better word) 3D Mario platformer. There’s no backtracking from that. Especially if BotW is set on being the same way.


  1. That’s nice and all, but I don’t trust anything Nintendo or SEGA have to say anymore. Just take this with a grain of salt.

    From the same people who claim Birdo is a male (despite other Birdo), SMB3 is just a stage play (making every world/NPC/item exclusive to that game fake), and Cranky is DK’s grandfather AND the original Donkey Kong that Mario fought, in New Donk City, where Pauline is allegedly from, as well as the Sims expies.


    1. Least with Cranky Kong being the original DK, there is in-game references that strongly support it. The rest isn’t even specifically stated in any game or even referenced as being possibly true. So Cranky Kong being the original Donkey Kong is canon to me.


      1. It’s also possible that Cranky is full of shit and if he’s a grandfather, how old does that make Mario?

        Even without that, how do you go from King Kong-expy to crotchety ape barely taller than Diddy Kong.


      2. They are taking realism into account. Donkey Kong in the original was a full grown ape. Donkey Kong Jr. was a child in those DK JR games. Some apes only live for around 50 years. There’s obviously been a time skip since the original Donkey Kong & the DKJR games. So yes. Cranky Kong IS the original Donkey Kong & Donkey Kong IS Donkey Kong Jr as canon within the games themselves point to this. But hey. If you want to ignore canon within the games themselves that strongly suggest it to be true, then go ahead. I won’t stop you.

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      3. Cranky is either the original DK, current DK’s grandfather, or someone who crossed paths with Mario, but he can’t be all three.

        And current DK can’t be DK Jr., especially considering Mario Tennis, and Yoshi’s Island DS throwing a wrench into the works.

        I’m beginning to think that Mario’s continuity would make a lot more sense if we just disregard the entirety of Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi’s Island, and the Mario & Luigi series, or else Mario should never be allowed to reference past adventures ever again.


      4. NEVER use the Mario sports spin offs to make your case. EVER. Why? Because Baby Mario appears in some of them along with adult Mario. So Mario Kart, Mario Golf, etc don’t count as canon as they are fun little side games so those are out. As for Yoshi’s Island DS, that has baby Mario in it, too, so that one can’t be used either as that game obviously takes place LONG before any of the other Super Mario or Donkey Kong games. It’s a prequel so that one is also out..


      5. You do know that the spin offs are canon to the series right? The spin offs still take place in the mushroom kingdom and games do have references to events all across the mario series and spin offs.


      6. So? Smash references events from every Nintendo game & even some non-Nintendo games. Even got stages from those games. Does that make Smash canon to those series, too? The answer is a flat out no. Til the main games themselves reference the spin offs (not the other way around), THEN they will be canon to the main games.


      7. Smash is not in the mario series.

        Mario 64 as well as sunshine and galaxy references are in mario kart as stages take place in delfino isles, galaxy inspired stages such as honeycomb beehive, and rainbow road (Wii) not to mention 3d world references the nes mario kart stage, paper mario makes several references to Mario’s mainline series’s and recalls past events same to the mario and Luigi titles not to mention even the mario sports Olympics and party titles do too.

        But what officially confirms this is mario creator miyamoto stating will mario has no official timeline, mario is the same mario in all titles with his name compared to the Zelda series. Therefore they are canon.

        Smash is a odd case it references games associated to the characters representing their games. Smash is also not a mario title so no point in using that in this argument….


    2. Birdo is regarded to as a male in Japan in other games than mario bros dude,games referencing birdo acknowledge it. Even though it’s a dream birdo still exist is is said to be a man who wants to be called Catherine and birdetta, Catherine is its name in Japan.

      America made birdo female to avoid controversy, same to trans topics about Zelda’s male persona and Vivian from Mario thousand yea door


      1. Nintendo of America was terrified of the far right losers in the 1990s, 2000s, and (for a time) the 2010s. Scared of the far left, too, when they buried any religious nods in the games that made it out of Japan. It is NEVER a good thing to try & please the minority of the extreme sides of the coin at the same time. Fuck those people!


    3. ||Do not trust anything from the American base since they are partially affected by the primitive laws and culture of that Xbot territory…||


    1. Perhaps they put that because in the Mario games (with the exception of an area of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga) he never do plumbing, which could be the reason of why they put that weeks ago. But maybe the people didn’t like that or the developers of the Mario franchise don’t agree with with this and they decided to put in his bio that he is plumber again.


  2. Didn’t we already know this like ages ago? Also, I HATE the idea of the 7 Koopalings not being Bowser’s children but that snotty douchebag Bowser Jr. who looks like Baby Bowser in modern day, is the only child? FUCK THAT!


      1. My point exactly, koopakid is Bowser’s son from the party games…. He made more appearances then bowser jr and was in most party games till mp8, he made a cameo on the box art on top 100 however he was replaced with bowser jr in the top 100 game during his minigames


    1. Koopa kid appeared in Mario Party 1-7. In Mario Party 1 he appeared in the final board (the final board only appear if you win in lava board with 100 stars in the star bank). Also in Party 1 he was named Baby Bowser. In the other 6 Party sequels he was named Koopa kid.


      1. That explains why I don’t know him as I haven’t played the first few Mario Party games in forever. The only thing I remember is a bunch of little Bowsers running on a screen (I think that was 3 or 4) and Mario & the others racing down a field (the original Mario Party.) Everything else is a blur.


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