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Starting Today My Nintendo Gold Points Can Be Used Towards Select Nintendo Switch Games

The day has finally come that you can redeem your My Nintendo Gold Points against Nintendo Switch software on the rewards service. It’s currently live in North America and Europe. Basically 100 Gold Points equals $1. You can take a look at what is available at the link here.


  1. It’s insane to me that for the same amount of points we used to cash in for digital games or awesome swag on Club Nintendo, we can get $5 or $8 off now… And they take a lot longer to acquire. What a disappointment. Nintendo should be better than this, care more for fans. After a year when Nintendo has been giving us such great games, and they’ve totally flipped the script, they really shouldn’t be taking steps like This that make them seem just plain greedy.

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      1. I will concede that it’s better than nothing, but only by a very, very thin margin. It belies a disheartening trend with Nintendo lately, for example charging $60 for DKCR Tropical Freeze on Switch where it was only $50 when it originally released years ago on Wii U.

        I can’t help but feel slighted by this after living through the glory days of Club Nintendo, especially since the Switch is so amazing, and there aren’t sooooo many fantastic digital games on the Switch. I have bought more games in the first year of the Switch than I have any launch year ever in history, and I am just 2 points short of a $5 discount…. That’s insulting. Especially in comparison to other programs, like Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlimited.

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      2. yeah, I can understand. Well, as a Brazilian, I’m not used to discounts like that, everything here is super expensive and with no discounts at all, so I have found this plan better than nothing. But I can see your and others point. And yes, Dk tropical feeze is away very expensive, as well as another ‘ports’ from Wiiu. They should cost quit
        e less.

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  2. ||There must be some mistake, in my territory 10 Gold = 1 Crown, either you made a mistake ambassador or they have but since it is our useless NA base…||


  3. Come on, Nintendo. You need to do a lot better. Paid online better add even bigger deals on top of the deals already going on in the eShop just like what Sony is doing with their paid online (along with some snazzy other cool things.) At just a measly 20 bucks, I don’t expect something on par with Sony sadly. (It’d be nice if they prove me wrong because then Sony would be forced to lower the price of their own paid online so as to keep up with Nintendo’s. The latter would be a win-win for me since I got a PS4 and will hopefully be getting a new Switch later on if I like what I see from paid online.)

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      1. If it’s possible, yes. If it’s not, well there better be tiers that offer better stuff for more money. Otherwise, I’ll wait til the Switch is being sold at discounts before I buy a new one.


  4. Wow, what a joke.

    1% back on physical games? Are you kidding? I’m not buying $60 games digitally.

    Guess I can safely keep ignoring My Nintendo, this is just awful.

    And paid online is coming too? Nintendo games may as well not have any online functionality after the paid “service” goes into effect.


      1. Welcome to My Nintendo News where we aren’t required to stay 100% on topic in our comments. This isn’t Miiverse (thank fucking god!)

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    1. Me too I miss club nintendo so much,I got 5 awesome mario kart 7 trophies as a club nintendo reward.All this time waiting for a decent rewards scheme for the nintendo switch and we end up with this bollocks.


  5. I personally am a bit disappointed. I understand that they can’t go back to the way things were, which were awsome, because of financial issues, but this is plain greedy. This means that you get the equivalent of $1 for spending $100 on digit purchase. That seems wrong, and I think we deserve better.

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    1. Also for another comparison with the new indie game deals, you could have gotten Retro City Rampage DX for the 3DS, which is an $8 game, for about 80 or 90 gold points. THAT’S how you do a good deal. That’s basically $1 for 10 gold points or so. I just don’t really understand.


  6. I only have 4 dollars worth of coins. All of my games are digital purchases except for breath of the wild. that’s shitty.

    I was interested in the idea of the coins for games thing but its no different than the shit discounts that they already offer for wii u and 3ds.


  7. You know what I don’t get? How can some people here possibly feel so entitled on getting rewards?

    It’s like someone giving you a small present for no reason and you get angry because you wanted something bigger. Even if it were a useless present, this is actually pretty disgusting behavior. Especially since, to my knowledge Sony, Microsoft and Steam do not even have such a reward system at all.

    The way I see it, I can probably get around one of two indie games or old cheap games per year out of this for free, which is quite nice.

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    1. The entitlement will nvr end! How much do you want to bet that the people bitching now are the same people that bitched about the rewards available through Club Nintendo.
      How dare nintendo offer me free posters, and digital games for giveing feedback on there products via 15 secound surveys…….


      1. Only available in the US…
        Can’t even check it out.

        If I read correctly on other sites you get one point for every dollar you pay and one point is equivalent to one cent and that works only digital… That would be exactly what Nintendo is giving for retail purchases while Nintendo gives 5x as much for digital purchases.
        Sony also gives a few more coins if you subscribe to as many of their paid services as possible, with a maximum of still just 4% on digital + some bonus points through challenges, which require you to buy a lot.
        Granted you also get a few points now for a ridiculous amount of trophies, but unless I am missing something (again, I can’t even see the site) this actually looks like a worse reward system than MyNintendo.

        Not that it even matters for all the people that do not even have access…

        Still, didn’t know they had something like that and like I argued, small rewards are still something to be happy about. Still, this kinda proves the point that the Nintendo reward system isn’t even so bad.


  8. Those bastards how dare they give us something back for our purchases, clearly we are better off getting nothing like most companies give us…….

    Sersly the whiny entitled crap has always been annoying. Im sure the same people bitching now are the same that bitched about what free stuff was on offer from Club Nintendo. Sure it would be awesome if it where a much more substantial rewards, but guess what its free!


  9. 1 Gold coin = 1 penny. PENNY.

    When you consider that sometimes 300 or 400 Plat coins can get you 50% off certain smaller titles and are way better offers than anything this new thing does, it’s absolutely pathetic.


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