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The Switch eShop Now Tells You How Many My Nintendo Gold Points You’ll Get For Buying A Game

Earlier today, we informed you that, starting today, you can use your My Nintendo Gold Points for select Switch games. Well, it has been discovered that the Nintendo eShop has added a message that tells you how many Gold Points you will get for digitally purchasing a game. The discovery was posted on Twitter, so we’ve included the tweet for you down below.




      1. look at it this way, Steam, PSN and possibly XBL do not give you incentives for buying games and eshop does gives you something for buying games so don’t complain…as much.


      2. Actually you do: Your money’s worth or resale value. As for bonus, like I already said, compare to the Platinum, it is bullshit and insulting to pay hundreds of dollars and only get a few bucks back while getting Platinum FOR FREE with bigger/quicker discounts is beyond unfair and unbalanced.


  1. I have over £8 worth of points to spend so I’m pretty happy. At the end of the day I’ve got an extra £8 to spend just from buying games I would’ve bought anyway so there’s no way I’m going to complain about this. It is around the same level as most other loyalty point systems that you’d get from supermarkets etc


    1. When compared to the previous (Club Nintendo) rewards this is like a slap in the face, but I suppose they would’ve had to change eventually.


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