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Here’s The Code Of Princess EX Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Nicalis Inc. has announced that Code of Princess EX will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game “brings a unique combination of beat-’em-up action and role-playing depth”. It is an upgraded version of Code of Princess, a game that was released on the 3DS in 2012. The game will be released digitally and physically this summer.  Today’s news also came with an announcement trailer, so here it is:


8 thoughts on “Here’s The Code Of Princess EX Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer”

  1. Is the story made longer? My only gripe was the fact the game was too short. In any case, I might get this if the price is right.

  2. Looks really interesting! Pass it on switch. But coop is always a selling point for me. Might do it. Doesn’t the other Nicalis published titles on the switch come with items like keychains or stickers or something?

  3. Bought it on the 3DS as well. It’s an okay game but it’s best played co-op with friends. It can feel a bit monotonous. It has great humor though. Worth checking out in my opinion if you haven’t already on the 3DS. The graphical upgrade looks good.

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