New PC Mod Allows You To Play Zelda Breath Of The Wild As Linkle

PC moders have been hard at work on the Cemu Wii U emulator and have been adding a range of playable characters for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The latest character is Linkle. Linkle is armed with a deadly crossbow to defeat foes and you can check her out in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the video embedded below.




      1. For what it’s worth, I prefer playing games on a console but I also like getting the best experience playing a game possible. The thing with Botw is that, since they pulled the gamepad features and got rid of Miivetse, there’s really nothing that someone emulating it is missing out on as far as TV experience is concerned. Though apparently that handheld Windows PC, the GPS Win2, can run Botw at 720p at full frame rate so you can get the handheld experience too.

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    1. Let’s be real. You don’t know for sure how many of these PC gamers actually bought the game then did some awesome computer stuff to get it to work on their PC. Is it possible a few got it illegally? Sure but that’s probably just a fraction of them.

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      1. I said probably. Oh & you’re statistic is no more accurate than my probability or megamansurvives’ words, either, so I don’t see what your point is.

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      2. What’s with all of these “experts” coming along & saying for a fact I’m wrong & that most hackers & modders do this stuff illegally when I said probably? You don’t know anymore than the rest of us. All any of us have are assumptions. You 3 need to quit talking as if you all know for a fact most are nefarious scum. It’s like I’m dealing with some far right rejects accusing most or all people on food stamps or government checks as nothing but lazy freeloaders that cheat the US government as if their OPINION is some kind of universal fact.


      3. I wish I the commenting here allowed me to respond to Cronotose’s post directly but yea, Crono. Ridley’s point went right over your head. You’re inference that most pirate games isn’t based on any real numbers. It’s just assumptions. Because of soft mods for Wii and Wii U, it’s actually not very hard at all for people to make disk images of games and save them to a flash drive and depending on the size of rarity of the game, it may be a lot easier to actually purchase used copies of game and rip them yourself.


      4. If you go to your WordPress page, you can actually still reply directly to other posts even if the reply option disappears after 2 comments on here by clicking on the article on your WordPress page if you got it set up to send you a notice for new articles from MNN.

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    2. As one of the people who uses Cemu. I can tell you that I actually do own the games I play with it 😁 Also emulator communities are usually very no nonsense with piracy and will not help people find sites that support piracy. Emulator developers especially have large collections of physical copies of games because they use them to test for system behavior. Like they might do something in a game on the actual hardware then compare what instructions were run on the console compared to the instructions that the emulator ran for the same action.

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  1. Ugh… I wish the actual game had a New Game+ that actually let you carry over stuff. I would have loved it if the Bow of Light was treated the same way as the Monado III where you get the item right off the bat from starting a new game. (Of course, they’d have to make it less powerful since the Bow of Light isn’t a breakable weapon.)

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    1. Sid pcs are impressive but not really a console, yes they play games but consoles are the xbox, the ps4, switch and switch phones don’t count neither do android tablets.


      1. Whether you consider them scraps or nots, they’re still playing the same games. Meanwhile their are many games you won’t ever be able to play on Switch.


    2. By modding an illegal ROM hack on a PC. Also, you WISH to have a huge GotY game like this. How about you start playing the Switch and STFU about “superiority”. Look at how you handled the Arkham Knight port.


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