Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya Retweets Today’s Nintendo Direct Announcement

We’ve got a brand new Nintendo Direct happening today and no doubt many of you are very excited to see what surprises the event holds. Interestingly, Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya has retweeted the event on Twitter leading to speculation that he might have something to show. Obviously it’s not clear if he is or isn’t going to be part of the Direct, but it’s interesting nonetheless.



      1. Remake Star Fox 2/Assault or make a sequel to Assault. I don’t want another barebone port with boring gimmicks and bad forced motion controls shoved up my ass.


  1. Nice! After beating Bayonetta for the first time ever on the Switch I’m now pumped to see what 3 looks like! Going to start Bayonetta 2 today!

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  2. This happens all the time where a developer retweets a direct and people get over excited but it turns out to be nothing. I wouldn’t be interested in Wonderful 101 being ported though. I enjoyed it but it’s not something I’m desperate to play again. If they made a sequel that ironed out some of its problems that would be cool.


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