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Everyone Who Registered For Pokemon Bank Can Get Special Decidueye, Incineroar, And Primarina

Members of the paid service Pokemon Bank can today claim a special Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina for absolutely free. If you sign up today you are also eligible to receive them. The three Pokemon were originally discovered in the Alola region. The official Pokemon website reports that the three Pokemon will each arrive with a Hidden Ability that is not available through normal gameplay. This is the first chance to get these Pokemon with their Hidden Abilities, Here’s all the details:

“Decidueye’s Hidden Ability is Long Reach, an Ability that no other obtainable Pokémon has had before. It allows the Pokémon to use its moves without making contact with its opponents, so Decidueye won’t take damage from Abilities like Rough Skin or held items like Rocky Helmet.

Incineroar’s Hidden Ability, Intimidate, lowers its opponent’s Attack when Incineroar enters battle. With Intimidate, you can cut down on the attacking power of opponents that rely on physical attacks.

Primarina’s Liquid Voice Hidden Ability has also never been available for a Pokémon until now. With Liquid Voice, all of Primarina’s sound-based moves become Water type. Because these moves become the same type as Primarina, their power is increased!

To receive these Pokémon, become an active Pokémon Bank subscriber by October 31, 2018. The cost for Pokémon Bank is $4.99 for a one-year subscription. You can sign up and download Pokémon Bank via Nintendo eShop. Learn more about Pokémon Bank!

To receive Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina:

  1. Start Pokémon Bank and select the game in which you would like to receive the gift.
  2. After receiving your gift in Pokémon Bank, start up the game you previously selected.
  3. You will receive your Pokémon as a Mystery Gift from the delivery person in any Pokémon Center.
  4. Remember to save your game!




    1. Hidden Ablities. These are the first time you can get these Pokémon with those abilities. It changes the way you can use them in competitive.


  1. Since I don’t like Gen 7 for it’s dull structure, I can’t go for this and I’m still waiting for the Switch’s game (please be good) so I can move everything from OmegaRuby and sell my 3DS off for good.


    1. If some of these people get their way, you won’t be able to carry your Pokemon over to the Switch game since they want the Switch game to be a fresh start & make everyone start all over again with collecting their 700+ Pokemon.


      1. That’s bullshit because I have so many rare and shinies in my 3DS game. So I’m stuck with no being able to transport them over?


      2. If those people get their way, yes. We’ll have to start all over again. I got one of each Pokemon (minus the new ones that are only in Ultra Sun/Moon) so I got 802 Pokemon in my PokeBank. No way in hell I’m starting over again. I’ll quit this franchise in a heart beat before I do that.


      3. Well yeah, if I can transfer everything through the Bank app on Switch, I’ll be fine even if it’s restricted until after I beat the game.


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