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Nintendo Has Received The AMD Excellence Award For The Nintendo Switch

There’s no doubting that the Nintendo Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo, so it only seems right that they have announced today that they have received the AMD Excellence Award. It was given due to the strength and impact of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo employees Yoshiaki Koizumi, Ko Shiota and Shinya Takahashi were there to pick up the award. After he received the award, Koizumi said “he wouldn’t have expected Nintendo to have won one year ago and wanted to make people immersed in games 24 hours a day with the Switch. Takahashi speaking of the future says that he will continue to make amazing things.”



Thanks to Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis for the news tip!

13 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Received The AMD Excellence Award For The Nintendo Switch”

    1. He won’t be happy with the fact of the system releasing ports of games from the Previous System, ditchingwhat changed our lives on the Wii U, having the Switch use cartridges that I thought were obsolete like VHS Tapes and not releasing at the end of the year like every other Gaming System. He never would’ve approved that about the Switch, he’d think that Kimishima would be a bad choice for filling in his shoes.

      1. How would any of this disappoint Iwata? Under his tenure, the Wii had several enhanced GameCube ports. The Wii was also the first Nintendo system to feature the virtual console which helped the system sell. The 3DS launched with a Zelda port and has since had numerous ports of older DS games. So Iwata had no problems re-releasing older software. Oh, and the 3DS launched in the Spring as well. As for cartridges, both the DS and 3DS used similar technology. It is also worth mentioning that Satoru Iwata had a lot of involvement in the Switch’s development meaning that most of the technical aspects of the system were most likely decided by him.

        Other than that, Nintendo is financially healthy again. The Switch has been a major success. Iwata would be happy.

      2. There seems to be no reply button on Jon-Erich Smith’s comment, but let me get this straight. As if Iwata would’ve approved the Wii U to not follow the fact of a Video Game System’s life span being of atleast 5 years, and as if he would’ve expected the Switch to not launch at the end of the year like every other gaming system. One thing he never would’ve approved is ditching great features of the Wii U like Miiverse, as stated in this Direct’s it’s influenced Nintendo (he talks about the great drawings in this one for example):

        Same said for Kimishima not doing the Presidential Duties of hosting public presentations, of whch he’d been doing quite well, especially with that pose of his. I don’t see how Iwata would’ve been involved in how the Switch came to be in any way before passing away, all he would’ve known about the system is that it would not be shown off to the Public in 2016 sometime. And if Iwata were involved in these Switch games posthumously he would’ve had his name listed in the credits of them, the last game that mentioned his name in the credits was either Star Fox Zero or Breath of the Wild.

  1. There are ways this System could improve upon, right now I prefer it’s predecessor over it. Successors are supposed to be better than their predecessors. Right now I don’t have one just yet as there’s still not an official Mario Kart game with 16 NEW Nitro and Retro Tracks announced for it yet.

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