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Digital Foundry: WWE 2K18 – The Worst Nintendo Switch Conversion So Far?

The technology enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry have put another Nintendo Switch game through its paces and this time its WWE 2K18. The team have come away very unimpressed by what they have played and have suggested that it could be the worst Nintendo Switch port we’ve received thus far. Have a watch of the video below.

“This one may be worth avoiding. Nintendo’s handheld moves at a slower rate next to the competing Xbox One version here, with lower quality audio, and stripped back shading and effects. Gameplay moves at a treacle-like pace thanks to its sub-30fps drops too (with a low of 13fps) – and audio even loses sync as a result. Tom and Rich put it through its paces.”


    1. This game is absolute garbage on switch,even the ps4 version is complete trash.The gameplay is horrible when I played it on the ps4 and it’s definitely one the worst wrestling games I’ve ever played.

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  1. who buys these things who is playing these generic garbage games like wrestling and fifa TAKE THAT CRAP OVER TO A PHONE CASUAL BOLLOX


  2. This game has a lot going on. It was never gonna work on the Switch because even the PS4 & Xbox One versions are having trouble with these WWE games from time to time. I’d hate to try this game in handheld mode.


  3. WWE games have been ruined for me. Ever since I got spoiled to custom soundtracks on the PS3, I lost all interest in WWE games that aren’t on a console that supports custom soundtracks. There’s nothing I hate more than creating a wrestler and having to use one of the featured songs in the game for their entrance music. It never suits my creations, or makes any sense. But aside from that, both the real WWE and the games went downhill long ago.

    Judging just by gameplay and features (and ignoring custom soundtracks), there hasn’t been a good WWE game since Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth on PS2, and the two Day Of Reckoning games on Gamecube. Those games were awesome. I created ridiculous characters in Shut Your Mouth (like the Pokemon Jynx and Mr. Mime, Mega Man, and Lanky Kong from DK64) and they actually looked just like who they were supposed to be. I’ve never been able to make great creations like that in any game since.


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