Nintendo Switch

Play Asia: Pre-orders Have Started For The USB Hub Stand For Nintendo Switch

Prominent retailer Play Asia has started taking pre-orders for the recently announced Portable Table Mode USB Hub Stand for the Nintendo Switch. As the name states you can charge and attach devices while playing your Nintendo Switch console in table top mode. Here’s a look at the USB Hub as well as more details:

“You can use USB devices such as a wired controller, USB keyboard, LAN adapter etc, which can’t be connected to Nintendo Switch itself. Charge your Nintendo Switch while being in a table mode state. The angle can be changed so you can play with an easy-to-see angle.The recommended angle is 30 ° to 60 °. It is convenient to carry because it is not bulky even when placed in a bag or pouch. In addition, the stand part opens and closes and protects the terminal, it is possible to prevent breakage of the terminal part while carrying.”



  1. So…..since I can plug a usb hub into the normal dock anyway, the only advantage of this is that no plastic in the dock is covering the screen? Also, if it’s not powered I suppose it’s more portable……though plugging a bunch of devices into the switch has got to drain that battery faster. I wonder how much?


    1. The advantage is that you can do everything that you can while docked, including charging and connecting usb devices, while it is in tablet mode instead of dock mode. Yes, that would drain, but you are also charging as though docked


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