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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild And Fire Emblem Heroes Win Big At The 2018 SXSW Gaming Awards, Super Mario Odyssey Wins In Only One Category

SXSW Gaming has announced the winners for the 2018 SXSW Gaming Awards. The winners in 24 different categories were revealed during the fifth annual Gaming Awards ceremony, which was hosted by IGN writer Alanah Pearce and Blizzard’s esports broadcaster Richard Campbell. Award winner highlights include Game of the Year winner The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mobile Game of the Year winner Fire Emblem Heroes. Breath of the Wild also won in the Excellence in Gameplay and Excellence in Design categories. Meanwhile, Super Mario Odyssey won a single award for Excellence in SFX.


  1. Sorry Odyssey, but Breath of the Wild really deserves all the love. I’ve recently gone back to it just to screw around Hyrule and get some use out of that motorcycle and full power Master Sword and even with absolutely everything done I’m still having fun going around the map :)

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  2. Totally understandable. Super Mario Odyssey didn’t really have much to win any awards. The only part I liked about Odyssey was Pauline being in it. But even that wasn’t nearly what I was expecting or hoping for (why did she not act like she knew who Mario was?). She was pretty much boring in the game. Even the lifeless, dull Rosalina had more air time in the Galaxy games etc. than Pauline.


  3. Eh, whatever.

    I just hope they improve on BotW’s problems for the next Zelda. Get some real dungeons, improve the story, and hire a better music composer.

    Oh, and don’t have Zelda be a depressing, emo teenager who can’t do her job right.


  4. I do believe that these games deserved the awards that they got. I would have expected Odyssey to have captured the attention of a couple other awards, but I can understand their placing. Breath of The Wild was an amazing game, deserving of the three awards that it got. However, a commenter above typed a comment that really kind of set me aside.

    sentinel13 – You may just simply be a troll, but if those are your true opinions, I harshly disagree with you. I’m not here to disregard your own right to your own opinion, but I feel that you didn’t exactly understand the purpose of Legend of Zelda Breath of The WIld.

    I’m not going to ramble, so I’ll explain it once to you and everyone else. (Check his comment to understand where I am coming from.)
    Sure, yes, Zelda still had some issues- that isn’t refutable; even to the biggest Nintendo fans. The missing dungeons and storyline faults didn’t affect everyone’s viewpoint, but if it altered yours, then you are entitled to that. Your opinion on the music is what confused me. Sure, I heard people complain about the “environmental”ness of it, but that was kind of the point. I don’t see any reason to throw shade at the musical composer for doing his job, and arguably doing it very well.
    I really don’t even what to start with the whole “depressed emo teenager” comment on Zelda, so I’ll just summarize it as this. If your kingdom was being destroyed by a dark evil, your father was suppressing you, and you felt trapped in your own castle, would you not also feel depressed and stressed?

    That is all; I wish all that read this comment a fair day.

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  5. I want to hear about two new Zelda games in the E3 of this year. A sequel of Majora’s Mask or at least based on Majora’s and Ocarina, and a 2D Zelda that improves on what made A Link Between Worlds so good.


    1. I think you are setting you’re self up for disappointment with that last list. I know there is a rumor of a 2d zelda coming for the 3ds based on links awakening but the other thing you will probably not get


  6. (Continuation) I mean, they can’t made a big gab like they did with Breath of the Wild (sure we got Majora’s Mask in 2015 but then two years without a Zelda game wasn’t enjoyable at all). I hope they do reveal a Zelda game that release this year or in the first months of 2019.


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