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Funimation Wants Goku In Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch

We discovered in the recent Nintendo Direct that the beloved Super Smash Bros is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Naturally plenty of companies would like their mascot in the game and Funimation is one of them. The anime service really wants Goku to make an appearance in the game and is trying to drum up customer support. Here’s their tweet which has already got 8K retweets.

Thanks Marvin K



  1. Goku is so severely underpowered compared to the Nintendo cast. It just wouldn’t be realistic for him to go up against a fat, 1 meter tall plumber, two pink puffballs that can float around mid-air, or a 2 cm tall spaceman that throws tiny vegetable people at others. He’d realistically lose every time.

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      1. That’s not what people mean when they say “Anime”. They are referring to “Anime origin”. Heck, Goku isn’t even anime-origin, he’s manga origin that got so big it evolved into an anime.
        Fire Emblem, while may have an anime appearance, is still a video game at it’s roots. This is why characters like Goku and Shrek are never going to appear because Sakurai himself has said only video game characters are considered. And no, having Dragonball Games on Nintendo doesn’t count, by that logic Britney Spears can get it.
        The only hope Goku has of ever getting in is when Sakurai steps down and a new director that’s more open to the idea gets in but considering Nintendo’s desire to want to keep Smash Bros as a video game franchise, it’s unlikely to ever happen.

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      2. “he’s manga origin that got so big it evolved into an anime.”

        You say that like every Shonen Jump series that makes it past 20 chapters doesn’t get an anime.

        I agree about smash, just thought this line was odd.

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      3. I mean if we’re gonna argue video game characters sure. Goku started as manga but it’s hard to deny the history of dragon ball games (not like they’ve been any good until fighterz). I don’t want goku in smash based purely on how he doesn’t fit at all. Cloud at least fits well with the rest of the cast.


      4. “not like they’ve been any good until fighterz”
        I stopped reading there. I like Budokai 2 and Budokai tenkaichi 3, and Dragonball Fusions is a great game. Fighterz had too few costumes, only 2 females, they where too lazy to gave characters real alternate costumes and gave them palette swaps instead (I guess they couldn’t think of anything for Hit, but maybe they could have made something up like they did for Zarbon in Budokai 1 (unless that costume already existed)), and they didn’t have any what if forms/fusions unless you count 21 Cell absorbed.

        As for Christopher James’ comment, maybe Sakurai will pull a Sakurai and either do something unexpected or just change his mind. Unless what I read was false, Sakurai said there would only be one guest character per company, and then we got Ryu. I’m not saying Goku is going to be in Smash bros, but you should expect the unexpected. I’m sure there are plenty of characters people thought would never be in Smash bros.

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      5. How Arc Sys handles models in their 3D games makes alt costumes add on MONTHS of extra work, that could be out in other things like more characters. And regarding forms and fusions, that would have made it far less balanced and focused as a serious fighting game. Gotenks and Vegito Blue are enough for fusion rep


      6. I mean it’s an arcsys game. Palette swaps were expected. I can understand the lack of female characters complaint and I share that feeling. But those other games may have been great fan service to dragon ball but fighterz is actually a great fighting game first, dragon ball game second which no other dragon ball game has been. We already complain about too many Gokus, I’d rather not have more useless clones of super buu when we already have kid buu and majin buu.


      1. “no, DBZ was an anime first dumbasssss”

        Huh? No it wasn’t. “Z” isn’t even a unique series. It’s just the later chapters of “Dragon Ball”. It’s the anime that arbitrarily added the letter “Z” and called it a new series.

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    1. his team consists of Toei Animations, Bird Studio and Shueisha and Toei Animations are the ones who sold the rights to publish, dub and market the franchise to FUNimation for N.America therefore Goku IS ‘their boy’.


    2. when people say “my boy” they are not always talking about their own kids, but people they associate with at times.
      Guy 1:”Hey i just (insert cool thing)”
      Guy 2:”mah boi here just (cool thing)!!”

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  2. As I already answered to someone in another post, I don’t want to see Goku, not because I don’t like him as a character, because if Goku will be in Smash people will start to ask other anime characters and most of them are really stupid to me. So no.

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  3. I don’t care too much about him but I’m always open to new characters. He is primarily an anime character but he’s also made a pretty good name for himself in gaming as well. I don’t personally play the games but it’s hard not to notice their popularity. Goku would be easy to put in a fighting game. I don’t think Nintendo would do it but I don’t see why they shouldn’t. No choice could be worse than Solid Snake.


  4. Ugggghhhhh, not again with Goku requests. No anime/manga characters allowed. My only wish is that all veteran characters return, with ivysaur and Squirtle as individual characters respectively.


  5. If we should add anyone it should be Ashley or Kat and Anna from WarioWare. There is a manga called Waiwai! Wario that features the WarioWare cast.
    Or maybe we could return yet replace Pokemon Trainer with Red from the Pokemon Manga.
    But Goku? Not in my Smash Bros!
    (My personal choice would be Kat and Anna.)


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