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Famitsu: Fire Emblem Warriors Awakening DLC Coming March 22nd

The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has revealed that the Fire Emblem Awakening downloadable content for Fire Emblem Warriors is coming tomorrow March 22nd. The DLC package will include three new characters and one of those is Tharja. There will also be three new outfits to dress up your favourite characters in Fire Emblem Warriors. Here’s all the details:

Three new Chronicles map full of missions
*Three new characters

Three new outfits:
*Royal Chrom
*Emmeryn Lissa
*Dark Fliers Cordelia

Three new “destroy their clothes” characters (Lucina, Cordelia, Lissa).



6 thoughts on “Famitsu: Fire Emblem Warriors Awakening DLC Coming March 22nd”

  1. Now the mothers of Owain, Ingo, an Severa are all in the game. And Owain himself gets to be playable too I see. I promote Cordellia to Dark flyer in many of my playthroughs, but in my current playthrough, she’s promoted to Falcon knight. Lissa can actually wear clothes like to Emmeryn when she promotes to sage you know.

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