eShop Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Says It’s Going To Make eShop Games Easier To Find

The Nintendo Switch eShop is a treasure trove of indie titles and also titles from larger publishers such as Bethesda and obviously Nintendo themselves. There have been some concerns online about the state of the Nintendo Switch eShop and the difficulty some people have trying to find specific titles. Thankfully, Nintendo’s publisher relations manager Damon Baker says that is set to change in the future.

Nintendo is looking to improve “discoverability and visibility” of Switch games on the eShop

We’ve heard the feedback from yourselves, from fans, loud and clear, about the limitations of the Nintendo eShop”

“I can assure you steps are being taken over the course of the year to improve the functionality in terms of discoverability and visibility, to highlight all of that great content.”




  1. Awesome,so many games indie games that deserves more attention like Elliot Quest or Tiny Barbarian DX,there should be rating to let us know if a game is worth checking out or not


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