Rare Studio Head Says There’s A Possibility Of Other Studios Working With Its Classic IP

Acclaimed former Nintendo developer Rare has said today that it’s thinking about the possibility of letting another studio handle some of its beloved IPs if the opportunity arises. The company is owned by Microsoft and has produced a number of games on the Xbox platform and more recently PC. It would be interesting to see if Microsoft would let someone like Activision use their IPs and bring them to other platforms. As always, we shall just have to wait and see.


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!



    1. as someone who backed yooka-laylee I kinda agree but then again … YL really got critisized for many reasons and in the end it felt like Playtonic would really lack some very general idea of modern gamemechanics and/or the human ressources for polishing the game to a level it deserves. YL felt a bit like you would just scale many aspects of BK to modern days without adapting what’s state of the art today. Best example the fighting mechanics. Fighting enemies felt clunky in BK already but at that time, 3D games were very new and we were just stunned by the amount of things you can do in BK in general. 2017 people expected very different things from a game and if it feels as clunky as YL to do pretty basic moves, it’s just really not a good sign for their general understanding of movement within the game especially if it gets released along a Mario game where you just know, Nintendo is testing Mario’s movement for a long while before they start creating the actual game to let him feel supersnappy and dynamic.

      So what I’m trying to say is, that playtonic might not even be the best ones to remake their own game. Games like the new Crash Bandicoot or Shadow of the Colossus proved, that outsourced remakes can work just as well and in this case it could really help the game. Imagine BK with actually snappy and fast controls; it would be such a charm.


      1. I understand the critics about the movements but we know that Playtonic (old Rare) knows very well how Banjo Kazooie is made.

        Remakes are fun but at the same time you play the same game you played many years ago and to me this is pretty boring.

        If someone have to make Banjo Threeie than I want Playtonic, if people want remakes I can agree that this can be done by another company


      1. What about Playtonic for a Banjo Kazooie HD collection? They seem to care more for Banjo than Activision (years ago Playtonic make a campaign to put Banjo in Smash 4).

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      2. I would say theyre good, but didnt they fuck up the last Ninty game they worked on? or was everyone ok with Star Fox Zero? I know they arent the sole ones to blame, but they werent exactly blameless.


      1. The lack of customization is its biggest draw back. Im always in first person so I dont really notice it, but for those that do want to get all deep with it (ala Fallout) then yes, it sucks in that department.


    1. from what I saw, it wasn’t necessarily the move away from Nintendo but Rare’s general development at that time.
      I really didn’t like Starfox Adventures and it felt like they were genrally a bit out of ideas. Sure, they would have cared more to develop a Banjo 3in a Nintendo platform and that might have been better but Perfect Dark Zero for instance wouldn’t have been a better game at Nintendo’s while they proved with Viva la Pinata that their general skill to develop something original hasn’t faded. I guess they just had gone in so many directions on the N64 that they only could build on that later on which didn’t work out as well as creating original stuff. Banjo Tooie is a good example for that, as it feels like a pretty needless production.

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      1. This^^^

        To me RARE stopped being the golden goose it was up until the release of Conker. Everything before that was gold, but everything after Conker wasnt that good. Yes DK64 has it followers, but that game was never good. I honestly thought Rare of old was gone up until Sea of Thieves.


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