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One More Previously-Released Square Enix Collective Game Coming To Nintendo Switch

Phil Elliott, creator and project lead of the Square Enix Collective program, has confirmed that at least one more previously released Collective game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Elliot wouldn’t confirm which one, but we’ve already had Fear Effect Sedna and a couple of others. It will be interesting to see what is next.

“At the moment we are looking at the potential for taking some – one or two – of the games we released previously and actually bringing them to Switch. It’s really just a case of talking to the developers and finding out what they want to do. Not everybody wants to put time in on that. There are a lot of cases when they’ve moved on to next projects and so on. So I think for the games we’re releasing next, there are no new plans for Switch games. But what I can say is that I’d expect certainly one of the games released in 2017 to appear on Switch before the end of this year for sure, and possibly more.

We’re always sort of talking to developers and sort of seeing what they want to do, and if they think there’s an opportunity there, is it something we can help with. So yeah, there’s still some conversations ongoing.”

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  1. This comment is not related to this post

    After I saw the trailer of Fortnite coming to mobile I think Epic Games should do the same for the Switch


  2. Yikes the switch is in trouble
    We are getting old games or games that is quite cheap to develop,its not always bad but coming from a triple game company it can only mean one thing or more.
    The switch is not powerful enough.
    Eh we are too lazy to port it
    Ur not getting kh3 (i might be wrong).

    Square enix i hope you will do well
    with nintendo because the only good game i know that’s coming to the switch is project octopath i guess because square enix did not make the game they just publish it
    And i am looking forward to these company: Every single triple a game company


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