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Video: A Critical Look At Bayonetta 2’s Flaws

Bayonetta 2 is widely regarded as one of the best action titles on any platform and is only available on the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U. YouTuber Daedron12 knows it’s a good game, but openly admits it has its flaws like any game. He has highlighted them all in the video below.

“The TLDR version is that the game’s skill floor has decreased, as well as the skill ceiling. The game now caters to a wider audience, which is not bad in itself, but leaves a lot less for experienced players to work with…which is pretty bad. That’s why this game hasn’t had a lot of tech/combo videos compared to the first one, it simply isn’t interesting at a high level. This doesn’t mean the game is TERRIBLE, overall you could say it’s perhaps a bit more of a consistent experience quality-wise. But it never reaches the heights that Bayonetta 1 set either, so the game still ends up feeling disappointing overall.”


  1. ||It only appears to be easier because Bayonetta 2 had superior controller layout on the Wii U than the first one ever did…||

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  2. Well Nintendo did foot the bill so they probably asked to have the game made slightly easier for less experienced players… But that’s what easy mode is for.

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  3. I very much dislike 2, it has a lot of flawed mechanics and the level design is downright boring especially when compared to 1s surreal and creative levels. Also the lack of boss fights is incredibly disappointing. It barely has any to begin with and like 4 of them are against the same guy and it never gets any harder. Boring boring boring, play 1 instead m


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