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The RyujiNX Switch Emulator Is Now Booting Up Some Commercial Games

Nintendo Switch emulation is still in its very early stages, for obvious reasons, but one of the two emulators that are currently out there has managed to hit a milestone. RyujiNX is a Switch emulator from gdkchan that is programmed in C#. The emulator can now boot up some commercial games “up to the menus”. However, the games are not playable yet. Two examples are Cave Story+ and Puyo Puyo Tetris. Both games can be booted up, but attempting to play them results in significant lag.




      1. That’s no excuse to turn a blind eye to it it’s entitled people who feel like they deserve any video game they want and don’t give a damn about the developer’s time and effort

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      2. How wrong you are. Sega had lost millions of dollars due to the failures of the Sega cd and 32x along side the Saturn failing as a system. The piracy issues of the dream cast were not the main factor in their decision to end hardware production because any smart and informed person would also know that the dream cast just couldn’t compete sales wise against the PS2.

        As for the emulator,they’re entirely legal and by the time the emulator is 100% efficient,the lifespan of the console will be up and a new system will be the focus. So I wouldn’t worry in any shape or form about the switch being crippled by this.

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      3. Wrong. The Dreamcast first year was meet with incredible support from many third parties around the world, and while they did not report positive numbers, it was a massive increase in revenue thanks to the amount of software the Dreamcast was selling, mass piracy started on the Dreamcast 8 months after its release, and guess which department dropped in profits by a whopping 64% the following year? software, this killed off support for the console midway through its second year, no one wanted to develop for it because developers were disgusted by how easy it was to pirate on it.

        You excuse was created by gamers that pirate hardcore and contribute to Sega downfall back them, just so you can feel better about yourself and take the guilt away.

        You guys are the worse.

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      4. I’m sorry but that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. It’s like CNN making up shit to suit their agenda. Sega consoles failed because they were a shitty company that only did good because of the guy in charge of Sega of America. When they ignored his smart thinking, they started sinking faster than the Titanic. Piracy didn’t screw Sega; Sega screwed Sega.


    1. An emulator for a new system will never progress fast enough to threaten the console’s sales. The GC/Wii emulator was one of the most impressive emulators to come out and it’s still just now getting over major technical issues with shaders and such. Rom carts have been a much bigger threat for Nintendo, because they can use the actual console to run free games perfectly. If they manage to get something like that out, then you can worry.

      Honestly, used game sales have always caused more damage to the industry than people building emulators. If you’re THAT worried about taking money from developers, only buy new.

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  1. }{ While I admire the technical prowess required to get to this stage of emulation, I also despise piracy, and think that it would be beneficial to all if they ceased work on the emulator until such a time as when the switch is considered an ancient console… }{


    1. To be fair, it will probably take the Switch’s lifespan just to get the emulator running enough games well enough to be a financial threat. Of course, Nintendo systems do seem easier and easier to emulate each generation. Nintendo has always had more issues with things like rom carts on their handhelds. Those are what really cut into sales.

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      1. The Switch shares similarities with the 3DS in hardware and software so the other emulator actually uses a lot of the same code as the Citra, the 3DS emulator.


      2. Well the GC-Wii similarities are the reason Dolphin was able to emulate Wii games so early on for sure.

        I didn’t think this was the Switch emulator they forked off of Citra. At any rate, I’d still be surprised if this could play more than a few titles decently by Switch’s third or fourth year. Citra is 4 years out and my understanding is there’s still plenty of work to do (I haven’t messed with it).

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      3. My computer isn’t even that bad and it can’t emulate 3Ds games, you need to have a ridiculously high end pc in order to emulate new hardware. The average consumer’s pc can’t handle emulation on this level, it’s only people who have very powerful gaming pcs who can run this stuff.

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      4. My computer isn’t all that great and it can run 3DS games pretty decently at above HD resolutions. Sure, I’m using a 5820K which is a 6 core processor but emulators generally tend to favor single-threaded performance and won’t use all those cores so a cheaper processor should do just fine.

        Really, the reason that some computers can’t run some games at full frame-rate has more to do with the emulator not be as mature as something like Dolphin for example.

        Newer systems also don’t have to be necessarily be harder to emulate. Take Cemu for example, the Wii U emulator, since Wii U games are abstracted from the hardware by an operating system, Cemu doesn’t always have to emulate the instruction hardware and can instead emulate the API which far less intensive of a process. It also helps that the GPUs are modern console are identical to current desktop GPUs. As a result, I’ve seen people with modern Core i3s emulating Breath of the Wild at full frame rate.

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  2. Got more important things to worry about in the world right now than some emulator in it’s early, early, early stages that won’t threaten the Switch as the system will be replaced by a new Nintendo system by the time this emulator is fully functional. But Nintendo is a religion to some poor saps so this is the worst thing that could happen in their little worlds. *shrug* To each their own.

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    1. Pretty much. On some articles I do read the comments just to get a chuckle out of the console war kids who talk like Nintendo is a beloved family member, and not a company who happens to put out some good games.
      Feelsgood to own at least 2 consoles from each of Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft and Sony.
      And a capable PC.

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    1. I find that weird as well. C# actually isn’t all that slow, but the garbage collector can be a problem for games, and in turn for a game system emulator. Working around the GC is difficult.

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    1. Read it again. It never says the emulators are illegal; it’s talking about ROMs. There is a big difference. There is NOTHING Nintendo can do about emulators or downloading them or even downloading emulated games.

      Besides, I don’t know if you’re aware but Nintendo of America is ran by morons. Tyrannical, kid friendly obsessed morons. I’d honestly put them a 4 or 5 rungs away from EA of how bad the place is.


  3. You’re wrong again, it clearly states in the corporate information section that making emulators is illegal. Read the questions about ROMs and emulation.


    1. Whatever. I don’t make emulators, anyway, so no skin off my back one way or the other. I’d rather enjoy emulations others have made of older games turned into original stories by fusing two different games together. Speaking of, I should really go play that emulated game I got using Ocarina of Time’s world but with the gameplay of Super Mario 64. The story for that seemed very interesting enough.


      1. Yeah well, I prefer that Nintendo takes off this switch emulator and do something about it. I know it might take a long time before it’s ready to play commercial games for the Nintendo switch but I don’t think it’s alright that they’re making it. Let’s see what happens.


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