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Mega Man X3 In Mega Man X Legacy Collection Is The Super Nintendo Version

Capcom has confirmed today that the version of Mega Man X3 which will feature in the forthcoming Mega Man X Legacy Collection this summer is the Super Nintendo version of the game. Capcom has also confirmed that both Mega Man X Legacy Collections will be developed internally at Capcom and will not be developed by Digital Eclipse who worked on the previous Mega Man Legacy Collection.





      1. (Late reply but) Yeah, that’s probably the only track that fits more in the PS1 version. The rest of the PS1 soundtrack is actually really good stuff, but it doesn’t fit as well with the actual stages, imo.


    1. That was the PC and PS1 versions.

      There were also animated intros for the bosses.
      Honestly I’m disappointed we’re getting the version that doesn’t have them. They should’ve included an option for the 32 bit version


  1. As someone who owns the X Collection that released in the Game Cube, I am eager to try the X3 with the original soundtrack of the SNES version because when I didn’t have it or play it on SNES. I hope that at least they put the opening and ending cut scenes.


  2. The SNES version is MUUUUCH better than the PS1,but it would have been nice if both version were included,but considering they didn’t include the Saturn version of MM8 in the other collection I’m not surprised


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