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Rumour: Pokemon On Nintendo Switch Could Be Ready For A November Release

PixelPar, who is known as an industry insider, says that Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch could be released as soon as November or December this year. We’ve heard multiple rumours a while back ago from various sources that the game is coming to the platform this year, but of course, nothing has been confirmed yet. No doubt the reveal and announcement will be a focus of E3 2018 in June.



  1. Wouldn’t really be surprising since Nintendo themselves confirmed 2018 as a possibility at the last investors briefing but still exciting nonetheless.

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  2. I dunno, that seems too soon. I hope they don’t rush and just follow the same old formula. Pokemon needs to innovate, Sun and Moon were a good step in that direction with getting rid of gym leaders and having islands and Ultra Beasts, but I think the Switch game needs to reinvent the gameplay itself.

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    1. Not for this title. The thing people want is main series pokemon on Switch. There’s always been a big desire for main series pokemon on a full console, ever since Red and Blue. Change too much, and it won’t feel like they’ve fulfilled that promise.

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  3. I’m Not really sure for this game to be released late this year. They did release a few information for the game a few months ago, but not the actual trailer itself. I think it’s quite possible that this new main line Pokemon game will be able to reveal it’s self and make a appearance at E-3. Some people think it will be a gen 4 remake instead of a new generation.


    1. I’m still of the mindset that it’s most likely gonna come out next year (either mid-late 2019). Only two years from Gen 7 to Gen 8 would be a bit ridiculous, just saying (especially considering how much more work has to go into HD graphics, cinematography, production value, and everything).

      Black/White originally came out in 2010 (in Japan) and X/Y came out in 2013. The first major conversion this series has had took three years (and produced a less than stellar product, imo); therefore, I expect the series’s HD conversion to potentially take as much time.


      1. Yeah, that would be a good start for a 2019 release. think about it. if they have a hard time on putting the game in to HD graphics and everything else it in, then they will have less time on polishing the game and make it sure its completely ready for the release date of the year so the production team won’t spend there time on HD graphics and cinematography if they have a hard time on inserting it in the game.


    1. Seriously, I wonder how most “leakers” get the recognition they receive. The ones that give more accurate info like the Chinese Riddler try to keep their identities discreet, otherwise they’d be shut down by Nintendo.

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  4. It’s going to have to shake up the formula for Main line titles since we haven’t had a one screen pokemon game since gen 3. Now that it’s one screen again they can’t just revert to the old UI of gen 1-3 that feel outdated


  5. Very obvious this game will come out this year. This is the big year for Switch. Big hitters are gonna be for the Christmas Season. Probably Pokemon Late November, with Smash Bros.. October? Itd be best to spread them out at least a month. I have a feeling we’ll see an Animal Crossing too sometime before October.

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  6. And my question is where are all the triple A’s Nintendo games reggie said we were going to get every month ? I haven’t seen anything since mario odyssey and kirby. I dont even look at the indies thing we get like 100 of those things every day. Im tired of it. I need a new platform DK game and a mario and mario kart games etc.., i dont want all the wiiu games again I already played those. Ufff im so pissed


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