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Three New Mario Tennis Aces Characters Appear To Have Leaked

It seems as though Japanese retailer Geo Online may have spoiled a surprise announcement by Nintendo regarding new characters for Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch. The retailer revealed their pre-order bonus for the game which is a special handbag and on it are three new previously unannounced characters for the game. Those character are Birdo, Diddy, and Paratroopa.


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16 thoughts on “Three New Mario Tennis Aces Characters Appear To Have Leaked”

    1. I think how they’re planning to do it is that further updates will include new characters you can unlock for participating in online tournaments (that’s what makes the most sense anyways)
      I wouldn’t be surprised if you unlock some characters in the story mode too.

  1. Birdo been confirmed playable since aces made its first debut in January direct her banner can be seen next to yoshi and Wario when they talk about story mode I seen to be the only one that knew this

    1. I’m really serious he will most likely be an alt just like in ultra tennis the only possible way to play as metal or gold was if you have amiibo in that game I don’t know if that change his type or not but I’m pretty sure there going to do the same in aces but just as a unlockables costume

      1. Gold Mario was not directly playable in Ultra Smash; he was controlled by an amiibo, and Metal Mario was absent entirely. And because he had his own stats in the past, it is highly likely he won’t be an alt in this game if he is included.

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