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Video: Mighty Gunvolt Burst On Nintendo Switch Gets A New DLC Character

Inti Creates has put together an overview trailer for the latest update to Mighty Gunvolt Burst on the Nintendo Switch. This update brings the game to Version 1.4 and brings with it a new downloadable content character, Tenzou.

Tenzou is the original protagonist from the very first Gal*Gun game, and the source of the Super Popular Legend that spread around Sakurazaki Academny. He is armed with the Blaster Goggles that fire powerful beams of light known as the Pheromone Shot! Angels Patako and Ekoro help him traverse this virtual world with their Doki Doki Mode and Angelic Guidance abilities.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip.

8 thoughts on “Video: Mighty Gunvolt Burst On Nintendo Switch Gets A New DLC Character”

  1. No!!!!!

    This game doesn’t have enough save files to play as more characters. You get 8 files, and you get Beck, Gunvolt, Ekoro, Call, Joule, Copen, Ray, Kurona! Eight characters!

    That’s not right.

    1. This last character was an afterthought so they can sell packs of 3 for the PS4 version (Ekoro comes with the game)

      That said though, they did expand savefiles to 40, 5 pages of 8, it looks ugly to have it like that and not pages of 9, but that’s not too bad, the update has been out since the time the trailer was uploaded, but character will be available in the following 10 hours or so

  2. Guess I have to buy this game again on the Switch (because dumbshits can’t create more than eight save files, but add more characters (I want ALL the content), since I already bought the 3DS version, and hope even more characters come, just to make the most out of my purchase.

        1. I mean, unless you’re playing the levels over and over again with each and every particular character, it’s not that big a deal to just delete one of the files for a new one.
          If you want to play with the previous character again, they’re always available to choose on a new game.

  3. Well, here’s another reason to start playing this game again. Too bad Might No. 9 wasn’t this good.

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