Nintendo Switch

NPD: “The Nintendo Switch 32GB With Red & Blue Joy-Con Controllers Was The Best-Selling Hardware In March & 2018”

It was another successful month for Nintendo in the latest NPD sales data. We’ve already covered software, but the hardware data also has some good news for Nintendo. According to VentureBeat, “year to date, hardware-spending is at a high, generating $925 million so far in 2018. This was driven mainly by Microsoft’s Xbox One, though Sony’s PlayStation 4 remains the best-selling console in March and 2018. The Nintendo Switch 32GB with red and blue Joy-Con controllers was the best-selling hardware in March and 2018”.




  1. Odd thing to leave out a word. Spin?

    “In terms of individual products (as opposed to the entire hardware lineup that includes revisions and various configurations), Nintendo came out on top.

    “The Nintendo Switch 32GB with Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con is the best-selling hardware ITEM of both March as well as 2018 year to date.”

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    1. They are adding together PS4 and PS4 Pro which is higher than the red and blue joycon Switch which was the highest selling version of hardware out of all of the different variations.

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