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Stardew Valley Is “Nearing Global Sales Of 1,000,000 Units” & Overcooked: Special Edition Has Sold Over 500,000 Units

Nintendo‘s latest financial briefing included some news for indie games. According to Nintendo, the Switch eShop is now home to over 600 titles “as of the end of March 2018”. We also learned that Stardew Valley is nearing 1,000,000 in sales worldwide. Overcooked: Special Edition, which released last summer, has sold over 500,000 units. Here’s what was said:



    1. I don’t think this is a new website design. These are just images of text from the Fiscal Report.

    1. Bought it digitally and Im already addicted to it. I didn’t know there was going to be a physical release for it?! The availability of having it digitally has been pretty good. Good for pick up and play.

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