Labo Nintendo

The First Third-Party Unlicensed Nintendo Labo Kit Arrives

It seems as though third-party developers are jumping on the Nintendo Labo bandwagon as the first third-party unlicensed Labo kit has been revealed online. It hasn’t been authorised by Nintendo but anything that gets people creative is all good. The only problem is it looks a little too similar to Nintendo’s packaging meaning that people might get fooled into thinking its an official Labo set.


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  1. I’ve begun experimenting with the toy-con development software, and its not “hard”, but it isnt totally easy, either. I mean, I could make something to work with a guitar concept i think–but i asusme this doesnt come with software? If not, its kind of like, why bother. I could make a fake cardboard guitar myself–the software is half of what you’re buying….like some kind of guitar hero game to use with the guitar?


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