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Pac-Man Stories Comes To Amazon Echo

There’s no denying that Amazon’s Alexa devices have become incredibly popular, especially the Amazon Echo. The Pokemon Company has released a Pikachu skill for the devices and now Bandai Namco have jumped on the bandwagon. Today they have announced a Pac-Man Stories skill which is designed to provide a fun, engaging, interactive and educational experience

“Voice-controlled services are an exciting technology with this great vision of being in everyone’s home and used by any family member. It just seemed natural to us to use our iconic character PAC-MAN™ to create fun interactive stories for all ages together with our company vision to provide dreams, fun and inspiration to people around the world.”

– Naoki Katashima, President and COO, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

PAC-MAN™ STORIES is available on all Alexa-enabled devices including Amazon Echo and Echo Dot featuring several fully interactive stories for the whole family. These stories can be enjoyed by all  ages and allows them to engage with PAC-MAN™ and make moral decisions that affect the ending.

The first story to launch with the skill for Amazon Alexa is PAC-MAN™ and the Ghastly Garbage which delivers a fun engaging adventure allowing users to help save PAC-MAN™ planet from Garbage and a threat that affects everyone you meet! Along the way, you will make decisions, choose paths and win Power Pellets based on the decisions you make. The skill features PAC-MAN™ and a range of new characters as well as well-known favourites including; Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.

“PAC-MAN™ is an iconic character and storytelling and interactive adventures allow us to work with some unique talents, writers, developers and actors to provide an innovative experience. We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Amazon Alexa and work together on this first skill and we look forward to creating many unique stories in the future.”
– Lee Kirton, PAC-MAN™ Officer for Europe, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

PAC-MAN™ STORIES & PAC-MAN™ and the Ghastly Garbage will be available in English only on all Alexa-enabled devices in the USA, UK and Ireland, with additional stories added throughout the summer period.

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